RACQ insurance refund - New scam?

Hi all, I think I’ve just had a new scam. Both my husband and I received seperate emails. Both used our first names at the beginning saying that RACQ had reviewed their imsurance pricing policy and that we were entitled to a refund. The problem is we don’t have any insurance policies with them. It all looked very legitimate so please be careful.


Now RACQ have been refunding money to customers, past and current, for errors dating back to 2013.

Were you a customer in the past? If so it could be genuine.

But, as always, don’t click on any links.

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As @Gregr has indicated, the refunds may be due to historical insurance policies held through RACQ. Insurance companies accidentally overcharge from time to time, and when they identify the error, they instigate a refund for affected policy holders. There have been examples of other insurers also refunding ‘out of the blue’, such as:

As there is a possibility of it being a scam, don’t click on any links within emails or text messages. Instead contact RACQ using information on their website. Contacting RACQ directly using appropriate contact details, they should be able to confirm if you are a past policyholder entitled to a refund.


As others have noted, NRMA Insurance has - out of the blue - made small refunds over the last few years. I had emails from them about this a couple of years ago, and was suspicious about at first, but it was genuine.

This might well be a scammer capitalising on that - but do you have / did you ever have NRMA for a vehicle’s compulsory third party insurance?

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I received one of these emails with attached letter too. I do have car insurance with RACQ and it did have my policy number on the letter. But it was talking about car alarms or engine immobilisers which we don’t have so it wasn’t relevant to me. But I’m pretty sure it was legitimate.

Thank you for your help. We were insured by them previously but just to be sure this is legitimate we’re going to call them tomorrow. :pray:


How it was for us as an ex customer.
The refunds come about due to multiple issues with RACQ omitting to apply some of the discounts customers should have received. Circumstances appear to vary between customers and products. We received a refund in Feb after nominating a bank account through the RACQ form.

As others have advised DO NOT click on any links or buttons in the email/s received to guard against the email being a scam. As we still have RACQ roadside service with membership verifying our ID was straight forward.

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We didn’t answer email — refund turned up in our bank account when we checked.


This was the same for us. Checked bank account and there was the refund.


It seems that this was an industry wide response to an ACCC ruling or similar. The happened for us with a QBE Car Insurance policy. The email looked good but there was no way I was going to click on a link or give them my bank account details. A cheque arrived in the post a few weeks later.