Quality Medical Supplies - buyer beware

We have received a few reports about negative experiences with the company ‘Quality Medical Supplies’ who sell facemasks, sanitisers, gloves etc. As you can see the experiences being shared on Product Review are also pretty scathing. Caveat emptor on this one folks!


Their website looks dodgy. Stating they are Australian owned and operated, but devoid of any contact details.

There refund policy is…

Unfortunately, we can’t offer a refund or exchange on any item. This is because all items are used for health and hygiene purposes.

It appears they haven’t heard of the ACL.

Reviews tend to indicate that when they post (from Sydney?), they haven’t paid postage… even though buyers paid postage at checkout…and one needs to pay Australia Post on collection. This tends to indicate the parcel is devoid of sender details.

One very much to avoid.