Qantas double charging on credit card

Qantas double charging for airfares purchased by credit/debit cards taking days/weeks for duplicate charge to be reversed. Customer service have said it’s a system glitch for over 5 years now.


I dont know what to do for mine telephone support say they cannot help without a booking but one does not exist for my credit card charge, and the refunds form is a pit to the abyss with no response

I had a booking Brisbane to Melbourne, the flight booking was missing from their system not locatable by customer service like it did not exist, this was in may when IT issues existed

Needed to buy a last minute ticket (30mins before flight) nearly double original order.

The credit card charge for the first tickets was certainly real if the reservation was not.
The name was even on the flight passenger manifest even if though the reservation did not exist.

6 months later and two support requests later not even an acknowledgement of the issues or refund of course

and of course 3 hours on the phone holding and only response we cannot help you need to use the online refund request form 

This of course has occurred three times, still no response 6 months later from online form
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There were reports earlier in the year that Qantas did a pre-authorisation for ticket purchases and soon after charged payment for the tickets while the pre-authorisation was still in place…see

The pre-authorisations and purchases appear on card account balances which is very confusing. Both affect available funds until the pre-authorisation is removed.

I am not sure why Qantas in the past would take the approach for purchases. Pre-authorisations are usually used as a security of funds in the event they are needed, rather than for purchases which will be charged at a later date.

Double charging can also occur during online payment if the refresh button is hit after payment button is clicked. This can occur if the payment page seems to hang or be taking a long time to process a payment. I have learnt this once by being impatient waiting for payment confirmation.


Its February 2023, seems like Qantas has not done anything to rectify their pre-authorisation charges to bank accounts.

I’m wondering at what point will legal action be taken and when Consumer Protection will actually kick in to prevent this organisation from having flawed systems affecting customers negatively and clogging up their call centres.

Im no IT expert but surely a small investment could have this recrified. If and only if Qantas takes their operational and financial efficiencies as well as their reputation seriously enough.

Is this a reflection on the Members of the Board being incapable to manage assets, operations and valuable CX. Perhaps a deep dive into VRIO should be applied.

Time to rectify Qantas. Its sad. Your stakeholder relations are negatively affected. No wonder Altmans Z Score 0.06 - Distress.


  • Invest in fixing front end and back end operational systems
  • Implement an empowered CX team to make good with customers to avoid frustrarion and double handling of complaints.
  • Revise the capabilities of leadership as clearly strategic vulnerabilities are not considered and is quickly turning into risk and volatility
  • Prepare for disruptive change to secure competitive advantage
  • Stay ahead of the game and competitors
  • Ensure ethical behaviour