Providing Feedback - Terms and Conditions

The boss lady and junior member went on a trip (in Australia) and stayed with the hotel group that includes Adina, Vibe Hotels, Travelodge Hotels, Rendevouz, TFE Hotels Collection, and Far East Hospitality Collection.

Upon returning home there was a request for feedback from the hotel. Always happy to provide feedback, the wife woman duly went to the linked page, and filled in the feedback form.

At the bottom of the page, it said ‘By clicking “Submit”, I agree to the Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy below’.

Being careful, she went to the T&C page which were extensive and complex, and “governed by the laws of the State of California”. We want to give feedback about an Australian business not an American one!!

Not having the time or the care factor to go through the T&Cs to make sure we weren’t signing away our lives, the page got shut down - no feedback sent. What an impediment.

Do they want they want people to provide honest feedback or not??

Has anyone else encountered a situation of irrelevant and unnecessary legalities being used?


No company who has ever asked a lawyer whether on staff or retainer has received advice that there were potentially irrelevant or unnecessary legalities in play. And therein lies the reason all sites have T&C that they assign to their home office jurisdiction, or a jurisdiction where they have an office whereby it is quite difficult to lodge an action against them and win.

In the lawyers’ defence, consider how much money has exchanged hands over the years by the absence or presence of a mere comma in a contract or law as examples.


I understand Phil. Lawyers need to justify their existence and minimise risk. Moreover, lawyers used to be paid by the word count; ergo the sum of their cognition converts a simple explanation into a drollery of unnecessary incantations expounding the vagaries of the unused reaches of our past experience with the derivative forms of archaic language.

Seriously, I can understand the need for legalities and T&Cs, but are they really necessary on a feedback form? And are they counter-productive to getting honest responses?

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There is probably one per web site that covers the ‘worst case’, not one per form. The latter would be untenable, would it not?

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