Private health insurance to complement the Cwth Snrs Hlth Card

I was wondering whether there is a policy that takes into account you have the pension (and Cwth Seniors Health Card) and they work in tandem?


I guess if you take out just a Hospital only cover and are happy for the Extras to be provided publically that might be an option with any Health Fund…if not currently a Health Fund member (and not been in one for more than 12 months) you will also end up paying a lifetime loading on the Fund premium to a maximum of 70% of that premium. This premium loading stays in place for 10 years after which your premium reverts to the normal cost.


I am in the same boat on the pension and finding health insurance hard to keep up with. I am thinking of dropping out after 40 odd years, any advise?

I have had health insurance for over 40 years but got remarried 5 years ago and joined my husband up. Because he had never had cover before I pay dearly for this. Will the premium ever go down, or which fund would be cheaper for us. We are both late 60,s .

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Hi @Flannel53

The large premium increase you have had is the Lifetime Health Cover (LHC). This will come off after 10 years of continuous Private Health Insurance cover. “It is based on the provisions of the Private Health Insurance Act 2007 . Under that legislation, any loading you are required to pay ceases after ten continuous years, or where more than ten years have elapsed, after ten years only interrupted by certain periods overseas, or other permitted breaks”. .As to which fund would be cheaper I think you need to research each fund to see what one suits you best, this can be a very individual choice. There is a free fund comparison tool that is run by the Federal Govt and would be the best place to start.