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Prius Has a Recall - Potential high speed stall


‘The computer that operates the Prius hybrid system has a fault, causing it to stall at high speeds.’ Never seen that anomaly in any recall before, have we? (/chuckles)


Just re-flash it - she’ll be right …


Same thing used to happen with our 2005 Peugeot 305 wagon- driving along and without warning it would go to idle- no response from the accelerator at all. We spent heaps trying to get it fixed, without success, although the incidence decreased over time. It was pretty anxiety inducing in heavy traffic along the freeway, especially with a truck right up the rear end, and when overtaking. Turning the engine off for 5 or 10 sec then re-starting often worked, but just as often you’d have to stop and wait some minutes before you could drive again.
We traded it in a couple of years ago, glad not to have that worry any more when driving.


Hi Gordon, my mother had a 206 that was bequeathed to my niece. Niece happily drove it until it suffered the same fate as your 305. It was because the automatic transmission had not been correctly serviced. The 206 would keep dropping into a limp-home mode because the transmission wasn’t happy. I discovered that it was a common issue, and incorrect servicing was very common ( my mum used to take the 206 to K-Mart Tyre and Auto for ‘servicing’ ).
The cost to repair would have been prohibitive, so although my niece had an emotional attachment to the 206, she now drives a new Suzuki.