Price tags in currencies other than $AUD

Calling all shoppers! … and shoppers at Zara in particular -

I have a question for you (for a potential story):

  • Have you ever seen a price tag on an item in Zara that didn’t have the price in Australian dollars?

  • What about in other stores?


Not with Zara, but in Brisbane often the 100 yen Japanese chain stores (e.g. Daiso) often have products in yen on package, but Aussie dollars on the shelf.

I always thought what would they do if one tried paying with yen, as often it would be slightly cheaper even with currency conversion in place.

If Zara does similar, I wonder if one can pay in the labelled currency if it is cheaper?

Edit: I have also seen some tourist/souvenir shops which cater for particular tourist groups where goods are priced in store with two currencies, in AUD and renminbi. In such stores it appears they accept either currencies.


Legal tender.
Optional, by agreement of both parties?

If there is a shelf price in Aussies what is reasonably the intent of the seller in offering the goods for sale?


Daiso is a Japanese marketing company where all the goods are Japanese or Japanese packaged. The yen pricing reflects a Japanese variation on the original American ‘five and dime’ (5 and 10 cent) concept where products on offer are at the same prices as well as reinforces it is Japanese daily ‘fare’ and by extension good quality, low cost.

They are popping up in major Westfield centres and similar locations. For anyone who has not wandered through one it can be a bit of fun.

‘Being Japanese’ is their marketing schtick.