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Price of fuel using three decimal places


I would like to know as a society that has a monetary system that uses two decimals, why do petrol stations use three decimals?


I’ve never questioned this before, but now I’m really confused. Even if you were putting 400L of diesel in your truck a third decimal place is only going to change it by $2. Why do we use it??


It is the psychology of advertising $1.15 when $1.149 seems so much cheaper. That single mill or 5, multiplied by the amount of fuel sold adds up for the vendors.


Well said @TheBBG :+1:


Agree with @TheBBG, and it may also be a psychological trick to create an aura of precision and professionalism to encourage belief in all the science-y sounding stuff they tell you about their uniquely superior fuel additive(s).


I wonder how many students these days understand the difference between 1.21 and 1.210 specified as ‘the measurement’.

Good one. 1.206 must make it appear (to some) that they have shaved off as many mills as possible per litre.

In the general case it seems there is more arm waving and less in-depth understanding every year while the LCD get more ‘L’ because of mindless apps, and vapid tweets taking over the ‘front pages’.