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18 months ago or so I bought a ceramic fan heater from Aldi (branded “easy Home”). Model number KPT2000 602c. I do not have the receipt or warranty card. From memory it cost between $39 and $44.

A photo is unvailable online but it’s a dead ringer for the
Bunnings Click 2000W Ceramic Heater

In the last week - with the dials untouched - daily I noticed two problems:

  1. While still in the “ON” position, the appliance often turns itself off suddenly and never turns itself back on (this is a safety hazard for kids who may think it "OFF"and decide to play with it); and

  2. While still in the “ON” position, the appliance at times switches OFF and then back on (I assume this is a function of the thermostat).

My issue is that the appliance is (a) unsafe and (b) unreliable.

Assuming the appliance came with the proverbial and not so useful one year warranty (whose time has expired notwithstanding I don’t have the warranty card, but then again only ALDI sold "Easy Home"products), what are my rights as per refund, replacement or repair?


It is possible that you will need some sort of proof of purchase like these:

The proof of purchase will be dated indicating whether a manufacturing warranty and/or consumer guarantee under the Australian Consumer Law apply. Whether it is a Aldi branded product won’t matter, except, that you would need to take it back to Aldi only.

If you don’t have proof of purchase, a retailer (in this case Aldi) can refuse to resolve any problems even if one believes that it is still under warranty/consumer guarantee. This is because there is no evidence when the product was purchased. As there is no proof and if the same product was sold over many years, the retailer doesn’t know the age of the product and whether there has been a reasonable life based on the initial purchase price.

You could take it back to Aldi and try, but I wouldn’t be pushing the issue if they refuse to refund/replace/repair due to the absence of proof of purchase.


Thanks for the feedback. I forgot to mention the appliance, where the model number is listed, mentions 05/2018, which I assume is the date of manufacture.


Have you checked if it is the subject of a Recall? If you have not that may be a starting point. Noting that it seems to be a manufacturing caused safety issue then they should accept it back regardless of proof of purchase.


You may have to reset the thermostat dial . They can be very sensitive and " touchy " to adjust to a position that satisfies your operating requirements .


Thanks. Very good point. I just checked and it does not appear on Aldi’s (current) recall list. Unsurprisingly, Aldi’s historic recall lists are hard to access.

Out of interest I looked at the ACCC’s recall list and found an earlier version of the heater (listed under “Yale Prima”, a name mentioned on my heater next to “MADE IN CHINA” and the Model number, which I guess is the importer’s name), citing the following reason for the recall

With certain instances the fan may cease to operate causing the ceramic element to overheat sufficiently to ignite the plastic cabinet and cause a fire.

Good find Graholl.

I will tinker with the thermostat this week to see if that makes any difference to its operations before scooting down to Aldi and asking for a refund or exchange (citing “safety” concerns, of course).


Yes, great point. Will do.