Plega service issues

I am just wondering if anybody else has had issues with service requests from Plega?
My wife is disabled after a stroke & we have a couple of Plega beds to make her life comfortable as well as assist with transferring her in & out of bed. The beds themselves are very good but I have had nothing but trouble with having the beds serviced when needed.

My first issue was in Nov 2015 when it took forever for them to reply to my request for service. I first contacted Plega by email through the website on Sunday 08th Sep & received no reply.
I then contacted Plega by phone late on Monday 09th Sep & informed the person that I was on nightshift therefore contacting me by email would be best, I again received no reply.
I arrived home from work late Wednesday 11th Nov & a note was left that someone had rung from Plega & would contact me on Thursday but received no call.
I contacted Plega on Friday 13th Nov about 15:55hrs AEDST, I was informed that the service rep had finished for the day & they would request he call me on Monday. I then sent a further email on 15th Nov requesting service & eventually had the bed serviced.

We had the bed repaired Feb 2017 that I again had to chase up & when the service tech arrive was only given half the information on what I required repaired but went a lot smoother than the previous time.

I am currently having the same problem.
I contacted Plega by phone on 27/09/17 & spoke with Gabriella who informed me I would be contacted shortly to organise repair.
I again contacted them by phone on 06/10/17 as I hadn’t been contacted & was passed onto the service manager (John). He requested a couple of photos so he could determine what parts maybe required. I emailed him the photos that afternoon.
I phoned them again today 12/10/17 as no reply had been received, Tanya passed me onto John again who notified me my email was in his junk mail box (He apparently doesn’t check his junk mail box). He is currently checking parts availability. I have just been contacted by John who informed me that He is to send the parts out to a tech & I will be contacted when he receives them to organise a time for repair.

I don’t understand why I have to explain what type/model of bed we have, surely they must have the type/model/purchase date of the beds as we purchased them from Plega. I don’t have to explain the details of my car when I get it serviced.


Very typical, and they don’t much look at emails. Plega are sweet at sale, invoicing and delivery. After that you are zero priority. Am thinking of buying my partner a similar bed. Would like to know if there are any quality competitors who also deliver customer service, preferably Australian?