Plastic film double glazing

Several years ago i used double sided tape and plastic (i’s like gladrap) then when heated with a hair dryer it creates an effective glass insulation. I think i will do it living rooms of 5 houses. but apart from buying an expensive 3 small window kit I cant buy it. has anyone be using this stuff - what brands work and where-do-you-get-it.

I’ve used this product extensively in my house to very good effect – it used to be called Winter Windows and is now called Clear Comfort. A quick Google search has turned up this eBay seller, but I have no personal experience with them – I bought mine from a Canberra distributor many years ago who I met at a function. Note the line of "People who viewed this item also viewed … " for other eBay possibilities.

This product is at a [much] higher price point (roughly an order of magnitude!) than the film but could be interesting for some. We have very large (almost floor to ceiling wall-to-wall) single glaze windows where convection makes it uncomfortable and demands more heat-on in winter.

They responded well to my queries. It became apparent that since we already have honeycomb blinds the cost vs incremental benefit was not on for us, mainly because of the sizes in play and needing an all or nothing in the affected rooms being costly.

I have Magnetite throughout my home and we love it.