Photobook services review

There are a range of photobook services on the market that will help turn your digital happy snaps into book form. We’ve had a look at some of the most popular services to find out which ones:

  • Have the easiest to use software
  • Provide the best image quality
  • Give you the best quality finished book

Read our photobook review (member content) to find the best photobook services, or check out our photobook buying guide to see the different options and features available.

If you have experience with photobooks, please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


Haven’t tried any yet, but after reading my copy of Choice Computer, I was thinking of trying out the Advent photobook as it was only one percent below the recommended photobooks, but was half the price of the cheapest recommended one. I figure it would be better value than the others.

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I have used Photobooks Express for some time,about 10 books,and find them excellent in pricing and production,with a useful help desk if needed.

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For some time I have been producing my professional and personal photo books using the Apple Photobook system. I have used other suppliers such as Blurb to meet some specific needs. The Apple Photo software is generally straightforward to use to load the images, which I have edited using Photoshop, etc. Apple Photo has a good range of book covers, layout options and page formats (except no portrait style). The software did go backwards a few versions ago but Apple has now restored dropped features. I think there is still a 99 page limit (not images). The uploading works. The delivery is timely and I’ve never had a problem. Reproduction quality is good (but saturation of each photo must be increased for all photo books - not just Apple). Paper has nice feel. Price seems to be in the middle of the offerings. It is easy to reprint Apple Photo books even after a long interval.

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Our photobook services review is updated for 2018 (member content).

Here’s our updated 2019 photobook services review (member content).

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