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Recently I have had problems with my email account with optus and I relentlessly complained actually i had to ring the ombudsmen 2 times after a person from optus failed to deliver on fixing my service.This is nothing to do with the nbn service it is just i cannot access my account to check my bills etc. Just cannot believe how bad this gets all the time how the consumer is put through a run around.When will all of these providers eve have an inquiry into how they run there service. If i get no response from optus soon I will contact the federal minister. Just so pathetic in this day and age how people are all messed around. Especially when i am paying for a service which is being used.


The problem with optus is a problem, but someday you might change ISPs. A generic email account will not change but your ISP specific one will, every time.

You should consider the advantages of getting a gmail, outlook, yahoo, or other email account and using it as your primary. Many ISP email services (Primus for one, although I only tepidly recommend them due to other reasons) will let you use any as your primary contact, or if not allow you to set up unconditional forwarding of all email sent to your ISP email acccount to your generic one.


Primus and Telstra allow email retention both cost about $70 a year to keep once you leave them if you particularly need to keep those addresses. If you of course have had multiple ISPs this can quickly mount up to a big bill. Most people however do not change frequently and so this may be a viable option, just ask when you are cancelling your account if it is possible. Telstra by the way give you the first 12 months free.

As to the Optus problem have you considered asking them to forward your emails to another email account until your account with them is fixed? They can do this but you probably need to get an Australia based Help person to get this done. Visiting an Optus store may help if they aren’t too difficult to get to.

Also contact the Choice Help service if you are a member at CHOICE Help form


I agree with Phil @PhilT.

Go get a free email account from one of the myriad providers. Just search for ‘free email account’. Then you will be able to access your email from anywhere any time. You could even forward your existing optus email to the new free account so you only need to look in one place.

I have been using such a system for over a long time (when gmail was by invitation), and it’s worked wonderfully.

I use gmail like you have said it is good i also have yahoo. But both optus and the ombudsmen are really frustrating me i have made a complaint to the ombudsmen 2 times the first time they were good but this second time after optus ignored me gees i tell you what im so over it all especially when im paying for the service.Ill be complaining to the minister soon or maybe the prime minister these providers are really bad in some ways but in other ways they quite good. im just so over this really cant even access my email or general account.

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I have also received extremely poor service from Optus. A few years ago my daughter got a mobile plan on Optus and got a small discount for having it bundled with my home phone internet plan. From the beginning the correspondence she would receive was to a badly misspelled name. She wanted it transferred to her proper name. Having very bad past experiences with Optus call centres, I went to an Optus shop. They assisted me to go through the call centre, and after about an hour and a half, with the assistance of a very helpful customer service assistant in the shop, I got the name changed. It was ok for almost a year. Now again the badly spelled name is on my home phone bills, I tried through a call centre again, and they told me it would be easy to do if I went into a shop. I knew better after last attempt. Finally they sent me a whole lot of documents that I would need to complete with certified copies of ID etc, all because of their error. I certainly agree with passerby 123,such inconvenience to the customer is unacceptable. I am looking for a better service provider.