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Hello there. Any views out there on whether to renew with Norton or go with Trend for my Samsung Android phones and Lenovo tablet?
Much appreciated, Mary.


I have been using Trend for some years now (Samsung mobile/s, Acer laptop) - no interference and/or problems with it: it operates quietly in the background. I am very happy with it - but, I am a ‘basic/average’ tech user …
I also use Nord VPN, plus Nord Pass (new - to protect passwords), and have never (touch wood) had any ‘nasties’ detected.


Choice has reviewed commonly used and available antivirus/internet security software, which included tablets (Member Content).

The Choice article compares both Trend and Norton, and the results of their review are different for these products.

PC Mag has also carried out a review for Android devices:

What is the price difference?

We use a multiple licence of Norton across 5 devices (2x PC, 2 x Samsung tablets and 1 x Android phone)…and are able to buy a 5 user licence significantly cheaper than what the automatic renewal through Norton is. The cost is about 50-70% less (depending on whether Norton has a renewal special price offer).

We also use Norton Vault as password manager and haven’t had any issues. There is a thread on this forum of a member losing second verification access to the vault for some reason meaning that access to passwords have been lost/locked up and not available. Searching online this does not seems to be a frequent event (possibly a handful of users of Norton vault of the many millions that potentially use it.

We have also found over time that the resource requirements for Norton running in the background has become less and is virtually not noticed when used.

The above about Norton you will be familiar being an existing Norton user.


I use Kaspersky on a few devices. It has been pretty easy on resources and performance is up at the top levels often being one of the few getting 100% scores. Another that may be useful is Bitdefender which always scores well.


We have been using Trend for a few years now without any issues. I am thinking of putting it on my iPhone & iPad but my Tech savvy son no longer lives in Aust so I have to work out how to put it on another device.


I think if you download the Trend app on each device, Trend will set it up for you (especially if your devices are synced. As long as you have your Registration Number, in case it’s required. Give it a go!


Aaah so there’s an App… Thank you evanstrish. I will try that. Do you use their Password manager?


No. I have just installed Nord Pass (I use Nord as my VPN); prior to that I wasn’t using a P/w Manager at all…


The Trend Micro website contains useful information…

You will need to also purchase additional licences for each device it is installed, otherwise it is limited to a 14 day trial.


Not quite… The annual cost is directly related to the number of devices you wish to protect ie one licence will cover 3 devices/year for $89.90. I have Maximum Security (2 devices) for $60 pa. It saves faffing around with additional licenses…


Thanks for your great responses. As I am needing for 2 android Samsung phones and a Lenova laptop, can I buy the cheaper Norton or Trend protection or better to go for the more expensive coverage for computers?


Norton multiple devices cover installs on Android, Apple ios, windows platforms (across laptops, tablets, PCs, smart phones, tablets).

I believe Trend is the same and potentially @evanstrish3 can confirm.


I have had no problems with Trend. But it is entirely up to you to make the choice - you would know how much protection you need: my needs are basic & well satisfied by Trend.


I have just received this email from Trend, offering a special for HNS, which may be of interest to someone…

What is Home Network Security?

Trend Micro Home Network Security provides protection against cyber-attacks for every internet-connected device in your home — including game consoles, smart TVs and appliances. It also includes strong parental controls to keep your kids safe online wherever they go.

Any device that is connected to the internet has the potential to be hacked, which can lead to data and identity theft, financial loss, and privacy invasion.

Simply plug the Home Network Security device into your router to secure your network and keep you safe online.

Massive Sale on Home Network Security!
Offer ends 22 October 2020

BUY NOW FOR ONLY $399 $179

24-month subscription plus device
Device included. FREE SHIPPING for AU and NZ customers.*

*Delivery may take 7-10 business days


You should be able to get Norton 3 Device 12 month licence for under $50. Here is one for $30…


Here is a review of the product. A few things to note:

  • annual fee as well as purchase price,
  • not compatible with all routers (check before purchase)
  • mediocre performance in some areas.

I’m not interested in it… just thought it may be helpful for someone looking for IT security provider options.

Harvey Norman does not have this one, only has the Lifelock Norton Products? I started years ago with symantec then it ‘disappeared’ and Lifelock appeared. [Excuse my techno ignorance, very hard for a geriatric]. I use package data.
Both Norton and Trend have 2 options for 1 year 3 devices - Norton $32 and $88, Trend $88 and $68, and $29 I spotted on another store’s site.
Basically I am seeking help on whether I should go for the ‘cheaper’ options as being only a phone and laptop internet user. Or is it not worth ‘economising’ on security provision?
Hoping for a directive, Thanks loads.

Did you get the $88 or $68 or $29 software as my needs would be less basic than yours I guess. Thanks.

Ditto for me! I think Trend (if you decide that’s what you want) is easily obtained as on online product. I am not qualified to direct you - sorry…

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