Phishing Warnings

Just received this phishing attempt in the mail supposedly from “Australian Government Department of Human Services []”. For those that don’t know, phishing is an attempt to trick you into providing personal information for malicious reasons. The information obtained can later be used to impersonate you to rack up $ charges over the phone or on-line, or to take over your on-line identity, etc.

PLEASE NOTE THE EMAIL ADDRESS is from Kiangsu and Chekiang Primary School in Hong Kong.

I have not seen this one before, so I thought others should be warned.

PS: I have reported this to


The Department of Human Services is pleased to notify your attention of your qualification for subsidy benefit.

In order to affirm your eligibility, simply reply to this secure message with the following details as listed below & you will be notified shortly.

Given name (first only): 
Family name/Surname: 
Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy): 
Tax File Number: 
Complete Address (Street number & name/Suburb/State/Postcode): 

Enter at least 2 of the information listed below correctly

1. Dividends statement (one from the last 2 years) Enter the investment reference number from 
your dividend statement (no spaces or '/' symbols, e.g. X0011223344) : 

2. Notice of assessment (one from the last 5 years) Enter the date of issue from your notice of assessment (DD/MM/YYYY): 
& Enter the sequence or our reference number from your notice of assessment (no spaces) : 

3. PAYG summary (one from the last 2 years) Enter the gross amount (no spaces or "$" "." symbols, e.g. $48,000.00 enter 48000): 

4. Centrelink payment summary (one from the last 2 years) Enter the taxable income amount from your Centrelink payment summary (no spaces or "$" "." symbols, e.g. $48,000.00 enter 48000): 

5. Enter either a bank account your income tax refund was paid into for the last financial year, or an interest bearing investment account from the last 2 years.
Enter BSB: 
& Enter Account Number: 

©2018 Commonwealth of Australia | Department of Human Services ABN 90 794 605 008 
This message is intended for the addressee named and may contain privileged 
information or confidential information or both. If you are not the intended
recipient please delete it and notify the sender.

The poor spelling and grammar are always a give-away, not to mention the ‘from’ address that surely wouldn’t fool anyone who has more than a quick glance over it before getting into a link clicking frenzy!


The sent email address is also a dead giveaway.

Irrespective of any received emails, one should NEVER click on an email link to access any account. One should manually type the known web address into ones browser or use a password manager which can store known account login webpages.


Thanks for the warning. Unfortunately, phishing scams are on the rise, and too many people fall for them.

I have moved you post to join a thread with other phishing warnings so forum member can see what warnings signs to look out for already posted previously.


Thank you for that :slight_smile:
Yes, it’s easy to see the flaws in something once you know it’s fake - but maybe not so easy for those who, when confronted with a potentially emotive message, rush to find out what it all means.
Appreciate your action on this.