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Phishing email supposedly from Netflix

The original included links, from which they would get all your info. It was sent from a dodgy looking email to Which isnt me, but would scoop up everyone on outlook, hotmail etc.


I’ve been getting similar looking Norton Anti Virus reminders several times a day (I report them as Spam). Usually my ISP is good at filtering spam, but I think these “picture” messages (with imbedded link) seem to defeat them.

The other persistent one purports to come from someone I know, but the email address is wrong; looks genuine, but not belonging to the person I know. It is usually a short message with a link through to Google storage. Something like email of uni in Canada. “You won’t believe who this is! <tiny.url>” I have never clicked on it, so I don’t know what it does, but assume it downloads malware, or goes to a site you wouldn’t want. I get these once or twice a day for weeks - again reported as Spam to the ISP.

They look good enough to fool the unwary. As our local newspapers have ceased production, several elderly friends and relatives have agreed to a subscription with free tablet to view their digital only newspaper. For 3 of them, this is the first time they have used a computer of any type. Trying to educate them about scams when they have never used the internet or email is an uphill battle, especially as I am not there to help them daily, and they trust names they know; like Telstra, their bank etc. It is frightening.

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Time to teach them the Fox Mulder view of the world. “Trust no-one” and never click on a link in email which asks for your login for any reason. None of the companies we use will ever do that. And hope they remember.

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