PB Smash repair

We put our car in to be repaired by PB Smash repairs in Nowra.
We had to take PB Smash repairs to NCAT as they charged for work not done and would not negotiate. In addition PB smash repairs said they would charge us a daily rent for the car for every day we did not pay the bill we were querying despite them not sending us a valid invoice. Small claims awarded us $6000 for work charged and not carried out.

Thank you for the warning!

This company will never get my service! Cheers! :grin:

This sounds very similar to the act of “car napping” - many tow truck drivers encourage people to sign legal paperwork on the site of a crash (when you’re emotional/not thinking right) and sign you up to a lawyer/smash repairer who then charges exorbitant fees.

The storage fees are often the kicker!

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No penalty? That will surely teach them there is no downside to treating others like they treated you. Right. :expressionless:

I was in this situation a year ago. I signed my life away (immediately after a head-on collision) to a dirty towing company that charged exorbitant storage fees. This could be why your insurance tells you to call them as soon as possible; they may be able to point out what to avoid.