PayPal refuse to close my account

PayPal last week refused to close my account.
I tried to do this online, but reached a blockage at which I was asked to speak to their help desk.
PayPal’s help desk told me that they will not (or cannot - they weren’t clear) close my account.
They told me they have disabled my account.
But when I went into my personal profile online, I could update my phone number and also my avatar image. How could I do that on a disabled account?
So now they are holding my personal information while I cannot use my disabled account.

Has anyone else been able to close a PayPal account with confidence that their personal information has been erased?

A disabled account means it can’t (in practice) be used for any transactions.

But I guess you want to close it to remove any association you may have and details about card number and other things.

Have you gone into account settings, way down to the end, and indicated close account?

If that is where the close process failed, then just pursue the call center process and ask in persitant detail just what is required to close an account.

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That’s where the close process failed. The PayPal call centre (02 8223 9500) operator just fudged when I “asked in persistent detail” and told me that she would have to refer my request to her supervisor in was she called the “back office”. I have heard nothing back.
Yes, I want the account closed so that no one can hack my personal information from PayPal’s data base.

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If you have heard nothing back, then call them again.

Next time get a reference number, or case number, whatever the business will use to track your issue, and quote that so whatever script-following minion who takes your call will have something to refer to about your problem and previous actions.

And they will know this is a issue to be resolved, not just an inquiry to be answered with a scripted response, or in your case a ‘computer says no’.


Update your account with dummy details? You can use a disposable email account, and find credit card number generators online. Addresses can similarly be spoofed. Save the dummy account data, change the password to something unmemorable, and walk away. As long as the account no longer has your personal details, you can forget about it unless PayPal stores historical data with current data (highly unlikely).

Alternatively, use a VPN that shows you as being located within the European Union. Internet platforms are required by law (right to be forgotten) to delete EU citizens’ data on request. It is a little surprising that PayPal has not simply implemented this worldwide, as many other companies have.


You, @postulative, are a hacker at heart. :laughing:

But seriously, most issues are just a matter of communication and finding sensible ways to solve stupid process roadblocks.

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