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Paypal dispute

drawn out dispute with PayPal over their buyer protection program
.Many e-mails repeated requests for more evidence of the faulty and dangerous nature of the goods supplied by “top_auto_field” eventually denied by PayPal citing that the goods “were altered while in my possession” without any evidence of same.Don’t buy from these people or rely on PayPal


Hi @johno2, welcome to the community.

It appears from looking at eBay, this particular seller sells non-OEM (non-genuine) car parts.

It would ge great if you took the time to provide details of the issues you are having with both the seller and PayPal.


the goods purchased were 4 airspring bags for a 2001 range rover electronic air suspension.2 front bags exploded within 10kms.driving after installation by an experienced motor engineer.After xchanging ,many e-mails with the seller the issue was unresolved-I declined what appeared to be an offer to replace the failed items, saying that since 2 had failed so quickly I didn’t feel safe about using more of the same.I then took the dispute to PayPal-it appeared from the start that they weren’t taking the matter seriously as they responded that as I had received the goods they were denying my claim.I responded saying that I had not claimed not to have received the goods but that they were faulty and dangerous-they then reopened the case and after requesting more detail from me they they were again denying the claim because I "had altered the goods while in my possession"What this means I don’t know, the only thing I did to the items was to have them installed.They were not fit for purpose


Interesting. Item locations scattered across Australia but


so trying to chase through the ACL could be challenging at best. Yet the seller seems to have a generally satisfied clientele, noting how ebay arrives at ‘reputability’ is questionable on the better days.

Since you are at an impasse you might send the seller and paypal a formal letter of demand per the ACL citing the claims in the original ad, the problem, and demanding they produce evidence of their claims of alteration and citing quality once again.

Did the installer have any comment on them whilst installing?


Possibly if the Paypal payment was via a linked Credit Card or Visa Debit Card you might be able to lodge a chargeback with your Bank. There are time limits so requesting the chargeback as soon as you can will be very important.

This may not work or be accepted but it may offer some greater chance of recovery of your funds.

An article on Chargebacks by CHOICE


thanks for that.No the installer didn’t have any particular comment

Did the installer install it as per any instructions included with the electronic air suspension and is the installer qualified to install electronic air suspension. If the answer is yes to both (which you need to check), then this removed the potential argument that it was inappropriately installed by the seller resulting in its failure.

Just in relation to buying car parts online, I read this article recently…

If they are deemed to be counterfeits (badged as being from Range Rover (rather than non-OEM), it may also be worth following up and reporting this seller to both eBay/PayPal and also the relevant authorities.

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