PayPal Currency Conversion 'Unavailable'

Thought the Choice Community might find this interesting…Went to transfer USD to another PayPal account and noticed their website was glitching and not allowing me to choose the currency I want them to use. I have a Bankwest Platinum card, so I’m financially better off using the card’s FX rate than PayPal’s. After I couldn’t get the website to cooperate, I googled around and found this ‘problem’ has existed since October. PayPal launched an ‘update’ to their website and since then the option to pay in the currency of your choice (or the seller’s currency if you’re paying for eBay) has been unavailable. This means people are forced to pay PayPal’s conversion rate (which is typically about 4% different). Sounds like blatant profiteering to me.

I found a thread on Whirlpool of a number of people in Australia complaining about this, and some have mentioned contacting FOS. There is also a link here to the old version of PayPal where the currency choice is still available -


I use my 28Degrees Mastercard for all overseas transactions, be they PayPal or direct card. Their conversion rate is by far the best.

Exactly, but you’ll find if you try to use PayPal it will charge you in AUD even when you tell it not to.