PayPal Buyer Protection

Hi all - I’m currently updating CHOICE’s content on PayPal’s Buyer Protection function. The scheme promises to refund a user’s purchase and original shipping costs if there’s something wrong with a purchase they’ve made through PayPal.

I’m wondering if any community members have recently used this program and what they thought of it. Were you successful? Was it easy to use? Thanks!


I have twice, without issues both times.
Last time would have been three years ago.
Yes, was succesful
Yes, was easy
Speed in time is what I expected.
Also had a couple of issues, would be two years ago. Within days of lodging the PayPal dispute the issue was rectified by the seller both times. The sellers know that PayPal don’t mess around and have a low tolerance for dodgy traders.
I use PayPal extensively and for everything I pay for overseas. Everything always works with PayPal. If you have a query, you send an e-mail, they reply. Cannot fault PayPal. Wish other online financial institutions and businesses were as good and reliable.


AS with @Monica_D above- I have used it several times. Each time the process is similar to the commercial bank - “Credit Card Chargeback”.

Both times I received a refund the same day :grinning:


Used in 2020 successfully (COVID airline ticket refund delay.)

I received some updates that it was changing and it did not look as comprehensive as it once was.

It only applies to goods, not services. Proof of shipment is proof for PayPal, not proof of delivery which is at odds with me.


I haven’t used it but what I have found very recently is it is potentially causing issues for retailers & in turn for consumers. A family member did an online purchase for an $800 item. She then got a email by the retailer asking her to send an image of her drivers license. She queried it. Their reply was that among other scams/fraud this PP guarantee means that a buyer can claim 3 months or more down the track that an ordered item was not received or DOA & the consumer is refunded; the retailer charged back. In this case they claim in the case of a scam they don’t have proved identity & it limits their ability of recourse. They said provide it was non negotiable Co policy & to provide the license or cancel & re-order & pay by DD.

By the by I gave this Co feedback to indicate their policy is reckless & dangerous to the consumer. To ask for ID docs by insecure channels & no doubt store it for this sort of thing IMO is very poor form, especially in our ever increasing cyber security risky times. It’s no win - provide the proof by insecure means to have it stored out of the consumers control & retain PP guarantee or pay by DD, keep your docs to yourself, but lose your guaranteed recourse for DOA, non-delivery or any other after sales showstopper issue.


I believe shipping is at customers risk and not senders risk and responsibility.

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That’s true @EricRedKnight - it only seems to cover goods, but can protect for purchases of “intangible” products like software downloads and hotel rooms. And yes, PayPal apparently won’t consider a claim for goods not received if the seller can provide proof of shipping.


Thanks @someozi - sounds like a concerning policy and perhaps not necessary, as PayPal says it requests documentation/information from Buyer Protection claimants, which is a process a scam buyer probably wouldn’t be able to get through.


I remember a few years ago PayPal refunded me money due to issues with goods from what i recollect. No problem refunding


The system is biased towards the buyer at all times. I have experienced on several occasions as a seller on ebay where the buyer has returned the goods damaged and not as sold, yet still received a refund at my expense. I do not sell anything on ebay for this reason. Plus the 12% fee they charge is excessive.
Conversely I have used the refund process many times as I find a lot of the sellers on ebay can’t be trusted. Win and lose.