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Parcel delivery problems


Just had the same experience today. My wife was home all day and the front door was open. The parcel delivery contractor made no effort to climb the stairs to our front door. Now I have to go into town during my lunch break to get a parcel that should have been delivered to my home. This is not an isolated incident. It happened to the prior parcel delivery I had a few weeks ago. My wife was on the verandah and watched the contractor get out of his vehicle and put a card into our letter box. He must have had them all pre-written out prior to delivery! Australia Post is not performing well at all. I will be complaining directly. If this keeps up, I will start invoicing them for my time to collect parcels that they should have delivered.


For all complaints to Auspost - my local post office does not accept or process complaints, they refer one to the national number/web site. The staff are otherwise very good and they claim it is Auspost policy.

  1. get the name of the person who took the complaint if it is not in writing. Make notes for future use.
  2. get a transaction number
  3. specifically state you want feedback about the resolution/followup to the complaint and ask who you should followup with if you do not receive it (by a date they suggest). If you don’t, they probably won’t.

In my experience their complaint handling varies from good to lip service, and if you do not try to hold them accountable they might not be accountable. My post office claims that contract drivers with 3 valid complaints against them are terminated. Based on posts all over the internet I question this as most able bodied drivers might have already been employed at Auspost for a short time.


Check out the loads of complaints on their Fb page.


I think you should get another job where you can do as you please?


I think it would be very interesting if Choice could arrange a Podcast with a couple of AusPost drivers as guests to hear the other side of the story . I subcontracted for AusPost a few years ago and honestly was treated like crap and a domestic by some customers when delivering . Human nature ordains that sometimes the person you deliver to next will suffer because of that which has come before , ergo cards in the letter box . You get what you give . Courtesy and good manners costs nothing ** BOTH ways**


Good idea @vax2000, I’ll pass it on.


Overall i have never had a issue with Australia Post before.But only just 1 day ago after sending a parcel to America it finally arrived after almost 3 months in transit.I sent it October 3rd


Lately with AusPost , this is my experience anyway and just an opinion , that which I have expected to receive quickly takes forever and vice a versa for that which I thought would take along time . Seems to be a continuing trend with them . Whether it’s reorganisation or lack of the same god only knows because AusPost certainly doesn’t .


I sent an express post letter from Perth to Darwin, I expected possibly 3 days since I paid the extra fro express, it took 15 days.


Is this a record?

Seven weeks for a small parcel posted in Darwin to arrive in Canberra.


Ordered a motor cycle helmet from Japan in early January 2017. Later found out it had arrived in my area very quickly 12 January but no delivery card was left at my property. After waiting four weeks checked the online tracking and found it had been sitting at my local post office for two weeks with a notation that delivery had been attempted. My question is how long would it have sat there if I had not tracked it down myself?
I have never not had a delivery card left before so this is a new low on top of cards being left when we are actually at home.


I’ve suffered the general problems with Australia Post delivery that most experience however found a new variant recently. Australia Post arbitrarily returned my parcel to the sender via sea container! Here’s what happened…
When a parcel was presented that had damaged packing my daughter asked the driver to note the damage so its condition was clear when we accepted. The driver couldn’t get the package to scan to make the note, he said he’d call his supervisor about what to do, took the parcel back to his truck and just drove off. Later I discovered the item status was “Recipient Refused Delivery”. I rang Australia Post asking for the parcel and explaining the driver had misrepresented the situation, i.e. we had not refused delivery. Australia Post advised the parcel was in a sea container being returned to sender and there was no option to have the package delivered to me. It would take the parcel at least 90 days to return to sender.
I asked what recourse I had since Australia Post had misrepresented the delivery and had arbitrarily returned the parcel to sender. I was told I had none as I had not paid postage. I asked if I could make a formal complaint and when would I hear back. I was told I could make a complaint but there would be no feedback as it was an internal matter between the local Australia Post business and their delivery driver. I made a complaint and used the reference number to escalate the issue to the ombudsman.
So a $120 item with damaged packaging is now in a sea container heading back to sender and I am out of pocket. I could jump up and down on the sender but that hardly seems fair.
Some questions for Choice:

  1. Australia Post claim I am not a party to the contract between them and the sender for postage services, thus I have no recourse. The reality is their negligence has caused me loss. Is there any way I can make a claim against them?
  2. If Australia Post have no accountability to the recipient for delivery, then they have a huge get out of jail free card for anything coming in from overseas. This might explain some of the delivery issues people regularly experience


Recently my father & I purchased a 2x2 monitor stand from PCCaseGear & a pair of 28" 4K monitors from MSY, both down in Melbourne.

On the order from PCCG we asked them to write “Send via Lockhart, Albury” as a way of tell AusPost to NOT send the item up through Chullora and then back DOWN to Albury, but guess what - AusPost’s system ignored that and artificially delayed the delivery time by basically wasting 2 days getting it up to Chullora, processing it there and then sending it back down.

As for the monitors? One of them did the usual Melbourne-Chullora-Albury-Us route whilst the second one went Melbourne-Chullora before being bounced back down to Sunshine, Melbourne then being pinged around Victoria for a few days as if someone decided to play funny buggers and redirect it to a few ‘mates’ with intent to commit fraud by having the item “lost in the system”.


I strongly doubt it. If the NT is anywhere in the equation, it adds an absurd amount of time.

  • 3 months UK to Central Australia. Got to Australia and through customs under 3 weeks.

  • Post two registered post items at the same time to the same address, Central Australia to SE Victoria - one arrives in 3 weeks. The other arrives in 2 weeks,back at my address! Made it all the way to Melbourne and back, quickest I’ve seen, yet fiasco none the less. Took another week to leave the local post office and another 3 to get to the destination (correct one this time).

  • Order item from SE Victoria, travels from there to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin before finally making it to Central Australia. To be fair, this trek only took 3 weeks.

  • Two instances where I personally witnessed the delivery driver stop and deposit the “sorry we missed you” collection slip in my letterbox without setting foot on my property. In fairness this was a couple of years ago.

  • One instance where I was receiving an item that by law must be delivered through a government licenced ‘dealer’ to ensure compliance with relevant legislation - I was given the tracking number of the item to the dealers address BUT online I was given the option to redirect the delivery !!! I went through the process out of interest to the point where I had to confirm, then cancelled just in case the constabulary might take exception to my ‘experiment’.

As a generalisation, I expect anything other than standard letters to take a minimum of 2 weeks and often upwards of 4. Overseas parcels (other than from China) typically take 3-4 times the amount of time once cleared from customs to get to Central Australia to what it took them to get from the US or UK to enter customs.

As others have suggested, directly or indirectly, keep track of stuff you are expecting - to the extent you can with Australia Post tracking :slight_smile:

I figure the big boss of Australia Post on his unconscionable salary must be getting well paid for his efforts to privatise parcel delivery in Australia (by driving customers away from Australia Post …). I feel a little sorry for the staff … working for an organisation that has a bad reputation can be soul destroying …

On a plus side - I now use a parcel locker and get notifications of mail in my PO Box via email. Parcel lockers have been great for me - email and sms notification that something is there, and avoiding the often 20+ deep queue at the collection window, I’ve only ever had to wait to use the parcel lockers once in many dozens of collections, and it was only one person ahead of me …


Everything is going as planned.


Late to this thread (and I’ve not read all of it), but I wanted to relay a situation I experienced in late 2015 that was irritating.

I’d purchased a PVR for an elderly neighbour from a local electronics chain. Using the online order form, I was not given an option for delivery method other than AusPost eParcel. I assumed this would be OK, but after the expected delivery date passed, the neighbour noticed a missed delivery note in her letter box. Funny, she thought, as she was home expecting it and no one knocked on the door.

I contacted AusPost via social media channels, and was told the reason was due to the delivery being in an apartment building. The explanation at the time was that the driver is not allowed to deliver a parcel to the door, unless the delivery vehicle is within line of sight of the front door.

My question to AusPost was: how are elderly people, who might rely on home deliveries due to mobility issues, supposed to have things delivered via AusPost eParcels if they live in an apartment building? Their response was to give them feedback so they can improve their services.


I think this is the best EVER. I bought some small cards that describe things on a collectors car I have. Bought via ebay oz from Britain. My address is certainly in ebay and the guy sent the cards to that address ( I asked him ) BUT the cards went from Melbourne to Mascot Post Shop in Sydney, not to my house in suburban Melbourne. I think its about 800 kms from here to Mascot. Oz post say no number no look. I cant do anything else. If I had a fax I could send a fax to Mascot BUT…


Has anyone else noticed that australia post is getting slower and slower. They don’t even deliver things on the date they say they will on their own website when you are tracking packages. When I moved I paid over $20 for my mail to be redirected and my old next door neighbour was still picking up parcels for me because for some reason parcels still got delivered to my old address (I’m still not sure if any mail did). It was the biggest rip off and I would have been better off not bothering and saving myself the $20. What is going on over there? Is this a plan to make the service so bad that we beg that they privatise it?


AusPost have just raised the redirect fee by $2.00 to $26 a month .:((


We pre-ordered the latest series of Game of Thrones on BluRay, which used to mean we’d get it on the day it was released as JB HiFi would ship early.

So, they shipped it early as usual, but Australa Post is now holding it at Sunshine West in Victoria for an estimated delivery date of Monday the 21st November. It’s currently Tuesday the 15th and because JB HiFi don’t give an option to pay the extra for the faster mail service that Australia Post offers, which is really just the original mail service speed before it became an optional service, Australia post won’t send it over the Bass Strait to Tasmania until it’s been sitting and waiting, doing nothing, in Melbourne for a good week.

Instead of giving us a better faster service for an optional price increase, they simply slowed the process down for those who don’t pay the extra.