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Pancreatic Cancer News

An article regarding a woman who died from pancreatic cancer.

And a website regarding a former business associate I knew for decades who was given 6 months to live but died in a mere 30 days.

I have a friend in Qld who is a few months from death from this hideous disease… She said it was likely it was brewing for about 8 years before she had symptoms. She was only diagnosed late last year. She’s been through chemo and it worked for a while but now all her care is palliative. She’s 70.


The person in the article in my post and the person I knew were both 71.

Co-incidence or warning sign?

Some articles regarding pancreatic cancer.

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Of those I know who passed recently, one was barely 30. Like some other cancers youth is no assurance.

I’m wary of web medicine and lists of symptoms as warnings. Many symptoms also relate to very common everyday ailments. If a problem persists seeing a Professional - GP is the best way to get the right assessment.

My friend passed away 2 days ago. Poor bugger.

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Sorry to hear the sad news.

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