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This item is probably best in the magazine.

I am hearing impaired and use headphones to watch TV on my Panasonic Model 55’’ HDR.

The headphone jack failed. Despite being somewhat out of warranty, Panasonic fixed it at no charge to me and I can now hear the awful commercials again.

Well done Panasonic!
John Blakey
Hillarys WA 6025


Thank you for the post on your experience. It is good to read about good experiences/outcomes from businesses.


Thanks. I’d like to see some mention in Choice magazine (I am a subscriber of course). Do I have to make a special request or will my comments here be enough?
John Blakey
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Over a lifetime of buying Panasonic products I can hardly recall a bad experience. The worst I can say is that the layout of the remote control and software menus for my 2-year-old Panasonic DVR is poor. They were no doubt designed by engineers who don’t know anything about UI design and then never tested on real people. But the hardware is and always has been great.


The Panasonic I have includes Bluetooth but can only pairs with a few keyboards and mice. :pleading_face::pleading_face:

That’s great to hear that Panasonic is a little more caring about the plight of hearing impaired. I’ve just started another thread recording my less than helpful experience with Sony which has reduced the audio outputs on its 32” smart TV to a shared optic/mini jack. This means it’s either the sound bar or the hearing aid Bluetooth but not both. The previous Sony has separate outputs. Sony customer service doesn’t appear interested in suggesting workarounds.

Hi David. Thanks for sharing your experiences with Sony. I rely on headphones exclusively for TV being hearing impaired. Unfortunately, Panasonic no longer make TV’s so my current model is going to have to last and last.
Keep safe.
John Blakey
Perth WA

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You could buy headphones that work via Bluetooth (BT). Many modern TVs have Bluetooth and so would support pairing to a BT Headphone set.

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Hi Grahroll, thanks for the suggestion, however, the Sony doesn’t have Bluetooth. If it did, I would probably be able to pair the hearing aids direct. The 32 inch TV market is quite limited because people seem to be keen on video ‘walls’ these days. I was looking at JB HiFi yesterday and one unit that had separate optic and mini jack outlets had such an inferior picture that it wasn’t worth considering. I have returned the TV and will continue to use my old technology Sony and augment it with a PVR that I will use my credit with Appliances Online to buy. Full marks to Appliances Online for their help, understanding and prompt attention. I still have nothing sensible in a response from Son about a workaround. Cheers, David


@john.blakey & @davidm52

Then I suggest perhaps a Google Chromecast with Google TV, that may offer you more choices in regards to connectivity. This may be an easy answer.


I’m sure many of you have seen this but we recently updated our guide on how to listen to TV and headphones using your hearing aid.

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