Panadol Osteo

Panadol Osteo has zero effect on easing my osteoarthritic pain but every time I see a new dr that’s their first recommendation as I can’t take anti-.
It’s so widely used that I feel drs think I’m just being difficult when I say it doesn’t work for me. Surely I must not be the only one. Anyone else?

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Oral analgesics like paracetamol, ibuprofen, and aspirin have never had any effect on osteoarthritis pain for me. Topical analgesic cream applied directly to a painful area does help a bit.

If you haven’t tried any of those, ask a pharmacist about what might be suitable for you. For example, if you can’t take oral anti-inflammatories, maybe you shouldn’t use an analgesic cream that contains such compounds. Also, there are usually warnings against using in combination with some types of prescribed drugs.

I think a pharmacist would know more about such interactions than the average GP does.

I’m one of those. Its like having a drink of water. My analgesic of preference is soluble aspirin as needed, but I cannot take that anymore so I use soluble panadol. Can’t take it like P.Osteo, just when the pain becomes unbearable, but it does work to lessen it. I also use a topical gel, which is called Pedimol. Its a German product and is too expensive in Australia so I get it via ebay, usually from Germany. Again, its something I use sparingly, but you don’t need much to rub into affected areas. Its mostly herbal, but also has some other stuff I’ve not researched.

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When I had my first arthritis attack I could not open my right hand! My doctor prescribed Prednisolone – it was amazing! No pain, back to normal! But, I was warned of kidney damage if used for too long (no idea what too long is!). I still have a prescription for a low dose and take one every couple of days. - Since then I have found that my pain has moved to my hip or the other hand but now Panadol (Paracetanol 500 mg) works! It did not do so earlier on. So maybe, a combination works better?


Prednisolone suppresses the immune system response somewhat, not as much as cortisone or prednisone (it is derived from Prednisone). Rheumatoid Arthritis probably responds best to this medication, but as it reduces inflammation it may work just as well with osteoarthritis. Using it in combination with a pain reliever such as paracetamol will reduce the levels of pain someone notices in most cases, more than just using one or the other.

Long term use can have consequences, but it isn’t as strong as Prednisone so a low dose every two days may be what your Doctor has prescribed to help your situation. I’m no medical person, I have had to have steroid therapy, so it is purely my experience for me that I can speak about. Any of the corticosteroids raise my blood sugar levels through the roof, if I have to have steroids I need to increase my insulin amounts drastically to reduce the high levels of sugar to something more normal. When taking the steroid I tend to also eat a lot more and put on weight as a result.

Keep in regular contact with your Doctor to ensure you are using the right amount to produce the best outcome taking into account the problems that can result. This steroid has a large drug interaction list. Around 600 in fact, so if you change any drugs, be sure to make sure nothing else needs to change in regards to your Prednisolone intake.


I had severe poly myalgia which affected my limbs. I couldn’t bend my fingers, was also diagnosed with carpel tunnel. I was so bad I thought I’d end up in a wheelchair. Dr had me on prednisone for 2 years which caused other problems in my body and then a miracle, I came across MSM which is a magnesium compound with surfate. After drinking this powder for two weeks I was able to go back to a normal pain free life, also carpel tunnel disappeared. I purchased the powder from Magnesium Australia based in Queensland. If you don’t like the powder, Caruso makes a MSM tablet best taken with vitamin C. I also purchased a book titled The Miracle of MSM written by medical professionals. Have told so many people now who are getting results. I also have to add I was starting to get lump on knuckle through arthritis but now after 4 years still pain free but drink my MSM powder every day. Hope this helps.

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Welcome to the community, @Dulc!

It’s good to hear that MSM has made such a remarkable difference to your polymyalgia. What is the daily dose you’re taking (in milligrams or grams)?

I’d be a little wary of calling any compound a ‘miracle’ in any general sense. Your experience has certainly seemed miraculous, but what works very well for some people / some conditions doesn’t necessarily work for all. My mother swore by glucosamine for her osteoarthritis. I got no benefit at all from it for mine.

With that said, for those with painful inflammatory conditions MSM seems definitely worth a try.

MSM supplements have shown benefit for osteoarthritis in a variety of studies in animals and in small studies with humans, and it could help in a wider range of inflammatory conditions. There don’t seem to have been larger-scale or wider-range studies following up on that yet.

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I understand people’s scepticism but all the people I have told now swear by MSM and the book, or you can buy for Kindle, is a great read. It has been used in USA since the 1970’s. I have a bag full of aids for my hands, legs and arms that I have not needed since taking MSM. A lot of testimonies in the book. You only start with small dose, side effect is if you take too much until your body is used to it, it will act as a detox. You say side effects, but what of the side effects from prescribed medication. Prednisone shuts down the immune system and I ended up in hospital with appendicitis at 76 years of age also put on 10kg. I am now almost 80 and so happy to be able to go back to my sewing again. I now only take a teaspoon each day. Have also had triple bypass and spoke to specialists re MSM and they said ok to take.

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Analgesics are not a panacea. At best they take away some pain. Things that may help include weight loss, anti-inflammatory creams (they give me nausea), hot/cold packs, massage,exercise, not smoking, diet( less red meat, more plant based products/nut/grains, more fish) , physio advice (strengthening/stretching) exercises,swimming, relaxation/adequate sleep

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Having osteoarthritis at a young age, I completely agree with what you are saying. Sadly the medecation you mentioned is still just paracetamol but it is slow release. Thats it, plain and simple, no magic medication, just paracetamol. Anti inflammatory meds usually can’t be used long term (as per my gps advice). I found out I was not absorbing vitamin D like my body should have, which worsens osteoarthritis. I went onto the osteoarthritis injections and within 2yrs my bone density improved GREATLY, as well as taking vitamin D supplements. Luckily both those things has helped my osteoarthritis a lot. Of course it hasn’t and won’t go completely, but i’m far better off than when I was constantly told to take the panadol osteo by previoys gps. I hope this information helps you.:blush:


I had never heard of MSM until today. Nobody has ever suggested it. My hands, feet and spine are worst affected, but basically… every joint to a greater or lesser extent. Going to do some research and then d/w my doc. It might be antagonistic to other meds I am on, though I do take a magnesium supplement which has so far caused no issues, but which has pretty much stopped the leg cramps I used to get (sometimes still do, but not daily).

Thanks for your post!


Note that MSM isn’t a magnesium compound. Methysulfonylmethane is a compound of sulfur, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen only.

Once you’ve consulted your doctor about MSM’s possible interactions with other medications, and if you’re cleared to try it, it’ll be interesting to hear how it goes!


It’s been around as a safe to consume substance for decades. As noted in the Forbes link provided by @isopeda.

MSM is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and can be taken with minimal side effects by most individuals at dosages up to 4 grams daily[10].

This makes it a readily available substance to incorporate into non prescription products. Is it effective? The substantial list of claims of what the chemical compound MSM “may” benefit appears to cover every ailment known including good looks. Assuming it improves the appearance of your skin. Like many like products assessment of effectiveness is up to the user.

The brand recommended 2 daily tablets of products containing MSM from popular brands will cost $20-$25 per month.


Anyone who suffers pain should read the book. You’d be amazed. My sister started taking MSM powder about 18 months ago, she used a walking stick but no longer needs it (she is 92 years old). Her balance has also improved. No more restless leg either.

FYI taken from book. I purchase my MSM powder from Magnesium Australia (the one that contains vitamin C). I had the moon face and gained 10 kg on prednisone. Thank goodness I found out about MSM. I was unsure about taking it at first but then decided I had to do something to feel better.

After a number of years using panadol-osteo for osteo-arthritis pain I felt that it was not working anymore. I tried the Pharmacy First generic alternative and found that t worked. It has the same ingredients as the branded tablets but there is something different about it. I now vary using the branded and the PF brand so that my body doesnt get ‘used’ to one brand.

The other practice that I find important is that if I am going through a bad period i make sure that I take the next dose on the four hours, I do not wait for the pain to build up again. For me, this practice ensures better pain control.

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So interesting to hear about everyone’s different approaches to pain management.

I agree but I feel the problem with Panadol Osteo is that it is marketed as a panacea. The packet says “for relief of persistent pain due to osteoarthritis”. I’ve yet to come across anyone who gets any relief from it - and there has been research in the past few years saying Panadol’s effect on osteoarthritis pain is “of clinical insignificance”! I assume there must be some research showing it is effective or surely it couldn’t be marketed the way it is??!

I had an aunt with severe osteoarthritis, living in aged care, whose only treatment for it was Panadol Osteo twice a day. It’s only since my own osteoarthritis worsened that I understand how unbearable the pain the pain must have been for her.

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This paper published in the Annals of Rheumatic Disease which summarises many studies says otherwise.

Conclusion: Paracetamol is an effective agent for pain relief due to OA. Although safer, it is less effective than NSAIDs. For safety reasons paracetamol should be the first line treatment, with NSAIDs reserved for those who do not respond.


Just wondering:
Studies by the Arthritis Foundation have shown that having OA may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Given the link between OA and CVD could it be that your coronary artery bypass surgery has improved your blood circulation and is the real reason of the improvement in the OA condition?

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NO sorry, but my improvement was long before bypass surgery, that’s why I took my book with me to the hospital to show surgeon and ask if okay to take. Doctor’s had kept diagnosing me with Asthma but until I had angiogram at hospital the true problem was discovered. They ran a lot of tests at the hospital and I had a full asthma test as well and told I did not have asthma, my breathing problem was my heart. I was drinking the MSM a couple of years before surgery and no improvement with circulation only the pain. I couldn’t even lift a kettle or chop vegetables, my husband had to do everything for me and I could barely shower myself. I have only written this information to try to help others suffering chronic pain as I was, so I leave it up to them to try and see what results they get. I only know that all the people I have told are amazed at the results and are passing information onto others and I’m being told by some that they swear by MSM. I’m not saying it’s a cure but better than taking harsher medications. Please take advantage of reading the book I have listed then make your own decision.

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