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Hello Choice
It’s been 5 years since you last review of paint products - I suggest it needs a comprehensive update including for all finishes - from Low Sheen/Satin to High Gloss - interior, exterior, concrete blocks etc - I’m doing a major reno/addition and am subscribing to Choice to assist and really reviews that are so out of date are not very helpful.

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Possibly @ChrisBarnes might be best placed to answer.

Looking at Choice past reviews which are a few years old, many of the paints in the review are still available through retailers and it is possible that their formulations haven’t changed, or changed significantly, since the review. If this is the case, the older reviews jay still ge current.

There are recognised standards for testing paint products. Choice as you noted has content and reviews relevant to interior water based (acrylic) paints.

On extending reviews to how well exterior paints perform, including a variety of options for different surfaces. The best known manufacturers include several with significant market share and some with smaller volumes often for targeted applications.

It appears Choice has not covered the more complex task of looking at exterior grade paints. Note these need to meet high levels of durability. There are many different types of surfaces they are applied to and types of finishes. There are all in one and multi coat systems. Exterior grade paint testing includes a number of time weighted and accelerated tests including those for durability and UV stability. I wonder what is reasonably within the capabilities of Choice, budget and time?

For industrial and large scale commercial applications the major reputable suppliers back up their products with laboratory testing through accredited laboratories. Considering formulation, it’s unlikely any of the manufacturers would be prepared to share those details. The percentage of acrylic binder, quality of and related additives will vary between manufacturers.

Choosing the right paint and preparing the surface reliably to the necessary standard forms the basis of a successful paint job. There are experts/professionals, not necessarily the sales person at the local paint or hardware store who know the answers to both. They can also be a reliable source of advice on brands as well as product, through experience and word of mouth within the industry.

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We looked into doing a new paint review last year but lockdowns etc made it impractical. We’re considering it again now. I’ll let you know once we decide whether to go ahead.


Assume Chris it will only include acrylic paints typical of those most commonly used for painting internal walls and trim?

It may be useful (assuming testing will not be possible) to offer some informed comment on other interior paint products, EG those intended especially for ceilings, bathrooms and laundries, mildew/mould resistance, tiled and laminate surfaces.

I’ve previously had paint specialists recommend and supply ceiling paint as a specialised product (lower cost) that is clearly different to wall paint. Alternately another recommend for the kitchen a high durability flat finish outdoor quality paint. Similar recommendations for bathrooms and laundries due to the humid conditions.

If there is one product that piques my interest it’s the paint products especially intended to be used on glazed tiles and laminates. Just how well do the products adhere/bond to the surface and how durable are they in frequently cleaned environments. I can’t help thinking they are more a cosmetic quick fix than cost effective?

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@mark_m Yes, most likely we’ll look at interior acrylic wall paints again.


Hi Lawrie
I’ve had some experience with selection of paint coat coatings and diagnosis of failures, so if I could make a brief comment. I believe that you can reasonably rely on the published material from the major manufacturers to provide most of what you need. Their warranties should also give you a guide on the expected life of the paint material if applied according to the specification. Some manufacturers also offer a phone or email enquiry service.
My main point however is that if you are seeking information on the durability and life of the coating, you main focus should be on how the paint is applied rather than the paint itself. Paint coating failures are almost always due to non-compliant application methods and not the paint material itself. Choose an applicator that has strong experience in applying the coating you have chosen and good references. Avoid the temptation to choose the lowest quote from any three painters.