"P" should be clearly displayed

If the law requires a driver to display “P” plates they shouldn’t be hidden behind tinted rear windows.
What is the point of p plates if they can’t be seen?


if the windows are tinted they should be placed on the outside of the vehicle, same for l plares


Especially “L” plates

What is the point if they can’t be seen?

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You would think someone would come up with a method to better display the plates. Either having them in the same material as is used for magnetic signs, so the rear plate (at least) could be attached to the rear of the vehicle. Another option might be to have a plate holder that attaches to the side of the vehicle’s number plates.

The law says:-

Your P plates must be clearly visible
When driving a motor vehicle

You must not drive a motor vehicle (other than a tractor) unless appropriate P plates are displayed facing out from the front and the rear of the vehicle so that the letter P and the colour of the plate is clearly visible from a distance of 20 metres behind and in front of the vehicle

But it is obviously not enforced.


L and P plates have to be attached to the OUTSIDE of the car – you can’t stick the plates on the inside of your window any more.
Penalty: 2 demerit points and a fine.

Which makes more sense.

I can’t see the point of p plates if they are hidden behind tinted windows,
They should be on the OUTSIDE, like in NSW.

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This was copied from the NSW gov web site

L and P plates must now be displayed on the exterior of cars. Police have reported that too many young drivers have been caught hiding their L and P plates in obscure positions on dashboards. It is important that other drivers can identify inexperienced drivers on the road.

Have you ever noticed that P Platers both green and red seem to think that this gives them the right to speed?
I’m going to get one so my car can go faster.

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People with tinted windows have something to hide. Haven’t they heard of sunglasses?

Having the plates visible is of great concern. I have three drivers in the house, two p platers and 1 learner. Having spent the better part of 300 plus hours teaching drivers, I appreciate that others have been able to identify us as the learner and given us the required courtesy by displaying plates according to the law. I also look out for these plates when driving myself. I give them a bit more room and never try to rush them as they are still only learning the real rules on the road. Sure there are the racers who give P platers a bad name but they are not all like that. It is frustrating having plates blow off cars so I fitted brackets that held the plates tight and in full view. This is the only mandatory that should be acceptable. I don’t care how uncool it makes your car look. It means people can identify you and give you room, allow mistakes, let us help you rather than hide yourself.

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I’m not sure of the logic behind your comment!
I believe most motorists will have tinted windows to protect themselves and the interiors of their vehicles from uv damage.

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Only motorists ignorant of the fact that plain glass blocks almost all damaging UV, especially the laminated windscreen.

Apologies for my ignorance of facts on this issue.
I was sure the the uvb was almost eliminated completely but uva was not. Only approx. 40% of uva is blocked which can cause serious issues to the skin.
My next comment will have to be more precise.

Have you noticed that they also tend to cut in too close when overtaking? We’ve been seeing it more often these days, and is very dangerous cutting in too close to trucks. I live near the border between NSW and VIC and it seems to be an equal mix.

I am a lollipop lady and the amount of times P-platers speed through the crossing is scary. Mind you there are some oldies who are nearly as bad

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Having recently moved back down to Victoria from NSW I have noticed that the ‘P’ plate problem is prevalent in both states. The one thing that ‘All’ states could benefit from is the Victorian method of displaying ‘L’ plates which is on the outside of the vehicle on a short stand which is attached to the bumper so it is highly visible to all other drivers (including Law Enforcement Officers)… Why not make this method ‘mandatory’ for Red and Green ‘P’ plates as well? It would negate the issue of obscured or hidden plates in the back window and can be used to identify vehicles quickly and easily.

Hi @oldsalt2 I read your comment with interest. Perhaps I’m misunderstanding, but aren’t you referring to the NSW requirement of having the P plates affixed beside the number plate? I agree that it’s a much better way of displaying plates. The only reason I ask is that I live on the VIC/NSW border and I thought that the NSW way of doing it was much better.

Totally agree. It’s a very simple solution which not authority appears to be unconcerned about.

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The current Vicroads requirement for displaying L allows the Ls to be inside or outside as long as visible. NSW from 1 Dec 2016 has updated their requirement to “L and P plates have to be attached to the OUTSIDE of the car – you can’t stick the plates on the inside of your window any more. Penalty: 2 demerit points and a fine.”

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