Other female hygiene products

Any female hygiene products which makes females feel ‘abnormal’ or anxious and their use potentially not needed or potentially dangerous…


Excellent Shoky pick phb! Come on Choice, don’t be coy, get it up there on the Shonkys! And if men think this isn’t relevant to them, consider the resulting vaginal infections and thrush are a turn off for intercourse (for women), and make the women in their lives (daughters, partners, colleagues) miserable.

These unhealthy products and their damaging promotion of incorrect information should be banned. This is another example of our ABC providing terrific health education for our community, while the Coalition Government increasingly defunds it and fails to protect the community against the rapacity of businesses. How much would we save in unnecessary Medicare costs if these products were banned? Why is human suffering (physical, emotional, interpersonal and financial) due to medical problems caused by these products seen as acceptable? How much damage to women’s confidence and sense of wellbeing, especially teens and young women, is the false advertising of these products doing through stigmatising normal body processes? A responsible Government would act in the broader community interest, fund health promotion and prevention strategies, and ban these products and their deceiving promotion.