Origin Gas in Qld - scheduled deliveries 'miss'

It’s happened to us twice now: scheduled delivery (of gas bottle refill) is 120 days. That is 4 months; Our last delivery was 8 Dec. 2016, we ran out of gas on 17 June 2017! Cold showers over the weekend. Promise by ‘after-hour’ staff there would be a delivery on Monday – NOT happening! We are promised a delivery Tue (20/6/17) morning — not holding my breath either…
What avenues does a customer have to get compensation, more information as to what went wrong, and valid guarantees that this won’t happen again? Is there another company providing better service???


Hi @gowinter,
I can imagine the cold shower situation would be a real pain. We occasionally have hot water issues in our apartment block and it’s extremely disruptive. I don’t have any experience with suppliers in your area, but I’m hoping there are other community members who can share their experience. I think that Elgas may also deliver gas to large household bottles, but I don’t know whether they are any better or worse.

In terms of the easiest path to getting better service, I would give Origin a call and let them know you will be lodging a dispute with the energy ombudsmen in QLD (EWOQ) unless they can provide a reasonable remedy in a short time frame. If that doesn’t work, try calling the calling the ombudsmen and request they help you resolve the situation. If you can get through to the right people, it might help move things along. There are other avenues, but typically this is the quickest path.

Let me know how you get along.

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We are Elgas customers, mostly because the previous owners were Elgas customers and there were two 45kg bottles. We were signed up by the local agent and things progressed well until we needed a new bottle. Using the on-line ordering system was a nightmare, orders were ignored or disappeared & message after message went unanswered. Eventually I contacted the local agent who explained that the Elgas system was not reliable, and he often bore the flack. We now contact him directly when we need a replacement, and we fit in with his regular service to this area. If we run out we hitch up the BBQ bottle. Elgas still send us SMS reminders about replacements urging us to use their on-line ordering.

Elgas - it depends on your local agent. We are a small household - lack of hot water is a minor inconvenience. We get about 6-7months out of a 45kg bottle, and only replace when we need two, the longest we waited was one week which we made clear was OK as we had alternative gas.