Optus "perks" - looks like gambling, and you only have to be 14!

I have unsubscribed from Optus (mobile phone plan) perks previously, as it was of no interest to me, however, today I received this SMS:

Love to play? Love to win? We’ve got the game for you. This week you can win $1000 cash or instant win meals from Sushi Hub, Oporto and much more. See Optusperks.com.au/chatbot3 to Play for Perks. AU14+ Optus customers only. Ends 2/04/18. T&Cs apply.Unsub: Optus.com.au/unsubscribe

I’ve just unsubscribed again, and noticed this:
There are no subscriptions for this mobile number

It seems they send this stuff out whether or not you are subscribed.

Perhaps not gambling in the sense that you have to pay money to enter, but certainly the path to gambling for green 14yo’s

Everyday you can win instantly or go into the draw to win big. You’re going to want to play this game.

How to play

Click 'Play for Perks' to start playing in Facebook Messenger.
Follow the prompts, accept the terms and conditions and confirm that you’re an Optus customer
Play up to two challenges per week for 5 weeks until 02.04.18.


If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, eats like a duck, and sounds like a duck it probably is a duck…

It is gambling as per this definition at Dictionary.com " NOUN 1. the activity or practice of playing at a game of chance for money or other stakes." & “VERB 2. to stake or risk money, or anything of value, on the outcome of something involving chance”

Your information you provide as part of this can be seen as a “stake” as it has value.


Is it definitely from Optus or someone else trying to scam your money?
Just viewed the links and appears to be a Optus ‘scam’.

It is gambling and should be treated as such. If they are sending to all mobile customers, including under 18s, I would report it to your relevant State Government Department that looks after gambling. What gives it away as ‘gambling’ or lottery is the wording “Authorised under: ACT Permit No. TP 18/00336, NSW Permit No. LTP/18/22146 and SA Permit No. T18/264”


It is an official Optus competition/offer

From the Terms & Conditions
"Privacy and Consents

9.1 Optus respects your privacy. We collect, store and use your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy, which can be found at http://www.optus.com.au/privacy.

9.2 It is a condition of your participation in Optus Perks that you consent to:

(a) Optus (and its service providers) using your personal information to operate and provide you with Optus Perks and other benefits from Optus;

(b) Optus (and its service providers) using your personal information for the purposes described in its privacy policy;

© Optus (and its service providers) sharing your personal information within the Optus Group and with service providers and partners (some of whom may be overseas), as described in its privacy policy;

(d) Optus and its service providers exchanging, collecting and using personal information relating to you and Optus Perks, to provide you with Optus Perks and other benefits from Optus.

9.3 You may access or correct your personal information held by Optus, or make a complaint about its privacy practices, as described in Optus’ privacy policy.

9.4 On registering for the Optus Perks program, customers are automatically opted into receiving marketing communications. All marketing communications will be handled by Optus. Customers can opt out of receiving marketing communications by following the link to ‘unsubscribe’.

9.5 Optus may provide information about Perks members to its partners, and partners may provide information to Optus about purchases that Perks members make through them."


As grahroll has said, it is definitely from Optus.


When I visited the Stockland Shopping Centre in Cairns today, I noticed a sign on the outside of the windows of the Optus outlet stating “A World Class Network For Less”

Talk about misleading and deceptive advertising.

It should have stated “A Third World Class Network For Less Coverage”.

I hope Telstra takes these grubs to task on their disgusting claims.