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I want to add a VPN to my home wifi via Router. Has this been done successfully with Optus by reconfiguring the Sagemcom 5366 or bought a new Router

Hi @Pollywater, welcome to the community.

I assume you are asking if a Sagemcom 5366 has capability for a VPN gateway?

Looking online, details about 5366 are very scant and it is difficult to see if it supports a VPN gateway. Did the 5366 come with a user guide? If it does, look for setup information for a VPN Gateway. If the guide is silent, it may mean it doesn’t have the capability.

If it didn’t come with a user guide, another option is to log into the 5366 and see if the fireware (menu system) has a page which allows VPN gateway configuration.

Otherwise, contact Optus and see if the 5366 supports a VPN gateway.

If it doesn’t, and you want a home VPN gateway, you will need to buy a new NBN capable modem that does.


Thanks, I think NBN Router that is not Optus, but there is another Minefield - Hopefully, somebody has already achieved an outcome

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So you are NOT signed up with Optus to provide you with NBN? Who then?

Who provided you with

wi-fi router?

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Plenty of decent routers have a built in function to use VPN, many people use this function to keep their internet usage more private.

There are online sources of how to set one up, as well as the router makers who often provide guidance via their support pages and router documentation.


Thanks Just have to find right Router


What are the specs you need? If you use VoIP you may need to continue to use the Optus one. If not then what wireless type do you need for your devices eg ac or ax. How many antennas, how much is your budget. You could of course place your router behind the Optus one and still use the VPN function if VoIP is needed. There are lots out there, most modern ones would suit most people’s needs.

As this Sagemcom router is used for and allows access to the Optus VoIP service, if you use the VoIP service you will either need to leave this as your primary router or plug it into the router you end up using. If plugged into another router you will need to port forward port 5060 from the primary router to the Sagemcom. Steps you will need follow

Plug Sagemcom WAN port into one of your primary routers LAN ports. In the primary router give the Sagemcom a static/fixed IP address and port forward port 5060 to the Sagemcom static IP address. Any address that is within the primary router’s DHCP table of IP addresses and is not in conflict with any leased address is suitable.

Turn off the Sagemcom’s DHCP allocation, turn off the Sagemcom’s WiFi service. Plug in your phone line to the Sagemcom’s phone port. You can access the Sagemcom settings to turn off DHCP and wireless by plugging a LAN cable from your computer into a LAN port on the Sagemcom router. After making the changes you will need to save them and restart the Sagemcom router. You can unplug the computer LAN after restating the Sagemcom.


Check what routers have been tested on the Optus network…often called compatible or supported routers. Doing so and buying one may reduce future issues with compatibility.

Some RSPs provide support for such devices as well.

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