Optus & Medibank customers - Journalist callout

Hi there, my name is Jarni and I’m an investigative journalist with CHOICE.

Were you caught up in the Optus or Medibank cyber attacks? How have you gone in accessing support services from the companies? Have their promises of support been lived up to? I’m writing an article and would love to hear your experiences. Send me an email jblakkarly@choice.com.au


Email to Australian Cyber Security Centre

My wife and I are members of Medibank Private. My wife received an email today advising that her details have been compromised in the Medibank cyber attack.

The email had 10 hyperlinks . The email had a reference number which did not mean anything to us.

The email contained the advice Making sure to verify any communications you receive to ensure they are legitimate. This took a phone call of 1 hour and 45 minutes to do.

Would not Medibank Private, given their current experience, be better advised to send a brief email, containing a reference ID, and asking their customer to contact them through their publicly listed telephone number?


Thank you for your enquiry to the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC).

In regards to the Medibank data breach the following three sites will provide you all the information you need to protect yourself going forward.

Refer to ID care for specific ID data related advice - https://www.idcare.org/

Be aware of scams that may involve stolen data - https://www.scamwatch.gov.au/

Refer to the ACSC’s Personal Security Guide to improve general cyber hygiene - Personal Security Guides | Cyber.gov.au

Kind regards,

Australian Cyber Security Hotline

Australian Cyber Security Centre

Australian Signals Directorate

So the hyperlinks were not a concern?


Hi there, would you be able to send me an email so that we can chat further about you and your wife’s situation?

How broadly are we interpreting “support”?

Very broadly i.e. the entirety of their response to the data breaches?

Narrowly i.e. just certain specific support services (like ID care)?