OPTUS Chat and Phone contact services

OPTUS must have one of the worst contact services I have ever had to deal with. Here is a copy of a chat I had with a OPTUS live Chat person after my first chat got disconnected (names and identifying details have been removed):

Hi! You are now chatting with …
…:Hi there! Welcome to Optus LiveChat. How can I help you today?
You:I was chattintg to a … and connection was lost
…:I’m sorry to hear that.
…:May I know your query?
You (I pasted my previous chat in here to shorten what I needed to type to the new person):Hi! You are now chatting with …
…:Hi, my name is …, you have reached to optus postpaid mobile billing team, how may I assist you today?
You:We are receiving mail at our address for a person we do not know. The name is … and the address is …
…:I need to pull up your account details. May I have your phone number, full name and date of birth to confirm the account details please?
You:We don’t know this person and we are getting fed up receiving mail for M… and RTS ing it and still getting M… mail from you.
You:This is not an account we hold!!!
You:I do not nor would I consider using Optus I am just trying to stop this mail.
…:I’ll be right with you.
…:Is there any phone number and other details mentioned ?
You:None I do not open mail not addressed to us
…:Please check and let me know about the account details.
You:This one is a final notice Ac no. …
…:Let me check
…:May I know your full name and DOB please ?
You:Why? I will supply my name but wish to know why my DOB is required?
…:This is a part of Id verification. We will have the notes for the contacts.
You:You cannot verify my ID with your system as I do not have an account with you. But my full name is … My DOB is … and I do require you to delete these details after you have successfully verified me.
…:Yes sure
…:Dont worry I will not put any details with Optus…
…:Just checking on the issue and see what best can be done.
…:Is this your home address …?
You:Yes as explained above we are getting mail for the person M… at our home address.
…:OKay thanks
…:I am checking on it.
…:Please bear with me for some time, (end of my paste into second chat)
You:At this point connection was lost
…:Alright! May I know what exactly is your issue/query about?
You:Did you just read that?
…:Yes I’m reading it.
You:ok you will read my issue
…:Sure, Just a moment here.
…:Thanks for being on hold.
You:That is ok I just want this mail stopped
…:Just to confirm is the mails are received to your email address? Or you have receiving through post?
You:post as stated in my chat to …
…:Please allow me a moment here.
…:Sorry to have kept you waiting.
…:I’m having it checked in my system.
…:Please bare with me.
…:Thank you.
…:Thanks for being on hold.
…:May I know any service/account number on the bill?
You:It had only an Ac No. it is … There is no phone number referenced and it appears to be a final notice
…:Thank you for the details.
…:May I know your address?
You:it was above but again it is …
…:Thanks for being on hold.
…:I’ll go-ahead an stop that for you right away.
…:Thanks for being on hold.
…:I have successfully changed it for you.
You:Thank you it has become quite annoying receiving mail and returning it to sender and then getting
mail again from the sender. Your company is not the only one sending mail to our address for people we
don’t know.
…:You won’t receive now.
You:Thank you I hope you have a pleasant day or night whichever it may be for you.
…:Your welcome. I understand how annoying it would be.

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Now that really is laid back. I would have kept my clothes on!


To be honest I was expecting the outcome was going to be that they updated the errant account to your name since they had your address, leading to another entertaining chat session :smiley: :smiley:

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That conversation took over an hour I was on hold for about 45 minutes so I was glad they said it was fixed. I do expect more letters though but as I have a pdf of the full conversation I will be directing my complaints higher next time.

GOOD GRIEF…!!! That conversation is absolutely crazy…!! Whatever will happen to you next??

I think that you handled the entire situation very well, and much more controlled and disciplined than I would have been!

Let us hope some good came of all of the time you spend trying to correct THEIR problem!
Best of Luck…

Cheers! Natalie

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