Oppo Australia Customer Service

Oppo Australia Customer Service - has anyone else has had the displeasure of dealing with this company?
I purchased a phone off their website after seeing the awards they won for “customer service and satisfaction” - to date I have not experience worse customer service or satisfaction.


Our experience is about 2 years old, but was exemplary. Times change and I acknowledge what happened even yesterday may have no bearing on what happens today or tomorrow. Plus any given agent may be more or less helpful. FWIW sometimes calling back after a bad experience gets a better agent who can be helpful.


A mixed bag on Producr Review.


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I imagine it depends on the individual, and what support they expect from the company.

I did my research, decided on an Oppo and bought one. Done.

However, if something goes wrong, or if there’s janky software or behaviours on the phone I know enough to solve that myself. For most people that’s probably not the case.

Nowadays (with the exception somewhat of iPhones) there is an expectation of familiarity with certain typical phone gremlins. So it totally depends on the type of service, or a solution to what sort of problem, was expected.


We have an R9 and R15 in the family. When the R9 came out it was a dual SIM 4G/3G. The call centre advised how to download and install the firmware making it 4G/4G and were attentive to follow up that all was well.

I have a Moto G that when the time comes will probably be an Oppo mid-range based on family experiences with the R9 and R15.


Likewise, after buying an AX5 I liked it so much I bought both kids AX5s’s