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Has anyone had any issues with “” ?

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Hi @rcbott,

I’ve done a bit of digging on this site for you. The privacy policy references a now defunct site called ‘’, which has a few hits on some scam reporting websites. When you come to the payment screen, the site also does not use secure HTTPS encryption.

Personally, I wouldn’t take any chances with this one!


Same parent company also shows up as and the parent company appears to be hosted by a US company based in Utah.

The hosting company is Bluehost Inc.

This site appears to be a rip off of Hollister Co. (which does use https) a division of Abercrombie and Fitch


Cheers Brendan for research. I recently bought an item from Women"s Style got notification from that the purchase amount was transferred to
After several emails to rebelink, i finally got an email that goods are dispatched 24-48 hours after payment. It has been 7 days since payment confimation.


It doesn’t look good @rcbott. I’ve had a look at '’ and there are a lot of reports about scams connected to different online fronts.

If you made the payment with a credit card, you can ask your bank to perform a chargeback. This will enter the transaction as a dispute and the bank will investigate and potentially return the money.


Some of the reports about this company are advising of unauthorized use of Credit Cards and I would suggest you contact your bank to protect your money/credit. Hollister have previously shut down other operations of this “company”. They have been informed of the new addresses.


This one indicates that the is hosted in Russia. Anything which is hosted in Russia (and without proper website security) is likely to to fraudulent and as @grahroll indicates, it is likely to be a credit card harvesting site (get credit card and onsell details).

I agree with @BrendanMays and @grahroll and speak to your bank ASAP…they may immediately cancel your card and issue you with a new one. The quicker you do it the more protection you will have,


For general information about scam retail websites…and potentially how to identify them, read the information at the website.


Reply from Hollister about the Rebelink site:

"Hey Graham,

Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention! We will make sure this gets sent over to the correct department. The only way to ensure you are receiving authentic Hollister Co. merchandise is by purchasing online at or in one of our awesome stores!

Thank you for contacting us here at Hollister Co.!

Customer Service
Hollister Co.
Service Request Details
Reference # 170704-000331
Subject: Customer Service Inquiry
Communication History
Response (From Shawn) 07/04/2017 06:48 PM"