Online Retail Store Checkout Request for % Tips

I went to buy something this week and the Shopify based shopping cart was setup to ask the buyer for 5 or 10% tip

Standard shopify option, I clicked the box to enable it 2-3 years ago. Many do tip and it is greatly appreciated as it makes up for all the gronks who open chargebacks and follow through with them 3-4-5 working days after the item posts and they haven’t received their item. Without the tipping option to make up for scammers and unreasonable clients, I can assure you prices would have to rise to offset the losses incurred through fraud. A 1% tip may only cost clients a few cents here or there, but it makes all the difference to enable ongoing posts at low prices.

I hope this does not become a normal
particularly with the shady application of the tips not to staff but towards the business bottom line


So uncheck the option. Just a way to extract more money out of you than the indicated price.

Defending chargebacks has become a problem for businesses for sure. But that is just a cost of doing business. But I would be truly amazed if one’s credit card provider even initiated a chargeback these days if something ordered hadn’t arrived within a few days of ordering. They wouldn’t accept it.

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