Online purchasing - when new is not new, they knew

We live regionally and use online shopping a lot, so I did the usual research and purchased a security camera via a large retailer’s online site.

What arrived was a repackaged item. It was so obviously repackaged that the box it came in was incorrectly closed, the lens cover stickers were covered in dirt and cardboard pieces, the covering stickers did not adhere correctly and the USB cord had been unraveled.

It’s a bit misleading to sell an item that is either displayed as stock or an item that has been returned.


It would be great if you have the link to the retailer’s website with the product in question.

I wonder if the product is from a retailer or from their ‘marketplace’.

Many major retailers also allow third party sellers to advertise their products on their websites. These products aren’t sold by the retailers but by another party. If it is the case, it shows how easily the reputation on an established retailer can be impacted by a third party selling on the retailer’s marketplace.

If it was sold by the retailer, the product could have been one on display or on the shelves where someone has opened the packaging to have a look. It isn’t very good that you were sold a product which had been previously opened and could have been damaged/missing pieces before its despatch.

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I have not yet decided whether I agree with this or not. On the one hand, I want what I buy new to be new, but on the other I don’t want to be paying extra because some of the product has to sit on display or is returned as an unwanted gift.

On the third hand (one of those weird accidents with curium and promethium - typing has become so much easier), I in some cases will happily buy ‘factory seconds’ - meaning products that have been unboxed and thus receive significantly discounts.

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That would be the gripping hand.


It was JB Hi-Fi. Clicked on the item and the freight was added at checkout. JB have been ok so far.

But, for a large retailer, they have some system issues to clean up. There appears to be an ‘arms-length’ link between retail and freight. It doesn’t seem as though the left-hand knows what the right is doing!
I’ve been emailed a return address to attach and a dispatch notice which has been prefilled and a space for the courier/collector to sign. But no communication as to when they will collect.
Do I sit around at home and wait? (it’s TOLL who are the couriers).
A little clap for maintaining the anatomy theme!

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JB staff have on occasion when there us no store display item opened up a box to explain or show off a product. I assume they see the opportunity to complete a sale.

We’re regional and know the same love. With TOLL it may pay to phone the depot that does your area. We found they don’t always deliver daily to our location. Hence pickups depend on which day, or even demand.