One Pass Membership (free post 4 several online shops-Catch etc.)

I’ve had a One Pass online shopping membership for several years which costs $4 per month enabling free postage (for most items) on Catch, Kmart, Target, Officeworks, Bunnings etc.) and I’ve always paid this monthly fee with a prepaid Visa or Mastercard (gift card) as often there’s a small sum left on these cards, eg. $14, or $9 may be left after using for something elsewhere online. All of a sudden if I try to input the details of the card it is rejected instantly. One Pass site is not even allowing them to even take the funds out for the membership! This change is not reflected in the updated terms and conditions (that I can see) but upon phoning them it was confirmed that they’ve stopped use of them. So it’s now just Amazon and eBay and others for my requirements as they’re not precious about source of funds.
Please see attached screenshot for the email I received from OnePass after enquiring about it….