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On line delivery times and reliability

Has anyone else experienced on-line ordering reliability in that it arrives late or not at all.
I have more than once had problems with one particular company.
They advertise regularly on TV with emphasis on a 28 day return policy if not satisfied. My experience is that if you are lucky it might just arrive in that time, too bad if there’s a problem.
Incidentally whilst Covid has an impact at the moment this particular company has had this problem well before that. Shouldn’t they be obligated in some way to comply with their promise.
To compound that problem seeking a solution is far from easy.

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Welcome to the community @BrianR

Would you name the company please? It reads as if it is the company rather than their delivery service causing the angst, but if the delivery service is also wanting please name them also.



The company is Global Shop Direct

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Many of their reviews on Product Review are very unflattering.

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