Old Scams Are Resurfacing

I have seen this" Windows Virus" scam pop up twice in the past two days as a seperate window when I have opened news articles on MSN.

It certainly looks authentic and would fool a lot of less informed persons.

I have also had two emails in the last few days letting me know of court judgments, both with optusnet.com.au addresses which must be legitimate, as my “replies” did not bounce.



PS. You can click on the link so as to see the Windows 10 scam but DO NOT click on the “Download And Fix” button for obvious reasons.


SCAMS, they are beginning to make want to turn the computer off and go back to pen and paper. Already read a newspaper daily so don’t need the news.
Found another fake news about Nutella yesterday… didn’t worry me but kids would have had parents looking.


One would need to ditch the phone as well. Remember the good old days…


A newsletter I receive has often commented on the scams that use some version of how your machine is in trouble and it needs fixing. This current article is again a reminder of how dangerous these scams are and has included a video of when a news team infiltrated a scam centre in India.

If you just want to watch the video it is linked below