Nurofen for Children FeverSmart Temperature Monitor review

This children’s thermometer claims to track their temperature while they sleep and send you updates and alerts via an app. However, does it work and is it accurate?

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I would also suggest parents look into the effects of EMF on their baby’s developing mind and the privacy around such an app. I’m sure Nurofen will be collecting data for “research” reasons.


My only question is why.

If one has a child with a fever, one uses a thermometer to check temperature regularly. Having continuous temperature readings encourages complacency and turns a nursery into a pseudo hospital room.

What next, heart monitors, odour detectors for night time nappy changes etc.

I wonder if the aim is to sell more nurofen for fevers, or the real health concerns of the very young. We (up until the release of this device), survived our childhood without such devices, but in the age of guilty parenthood, there are opportunities to make money.