"Nude by Nature" product size shrinkage

Has anyone else noticed that the new Nude by Nature mineral powder which has had advertising about their beautiful new packaging now contains less product? The original packaging was 15g, the new packaging is 10g. This is a massive reduction in size for a price that has stayed at $39.95. I actually hadn’t noticed the change, I was writing to their customer service as the new packaging is really badly designed in that you can’t get the last of the product out when you get to the end, I was researching others thoughts and saw that customers were saying how unhappy they were with the new sizing which wasn’t mentioned anywhere of course. This should not be allowed without the customer being made aware with a sticker maybe saying new size. I know this happens a lot in food packaging, it is such a great product, a shame that they felt the need to do this to their loyal customers.


No but they taught me a new word:


Here is your hint; its a bad thing, thus the products don’t have it.

Does it mean:

  1. Likely to make you laugh.
  2. Streaming slapstick.
  3. Made by clowns.
  4. Prevents diarrhoea
  5. Includes ideologically unsound matters like black face greasepaint
  6. None of the above.

Only customers think they are loyal. Many business think otherwise…and something to do with making money comes to mind.

It is still possible to buy the 15g size if you do an internet search.

A few places were selling it but very limited colour choice.

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