NSW smart meters

From 1 December 2017, all new electricity meters installed in NSW must be smart meters. However, the rollout has been slow and in some cases the delays are costing consumers money.

If you have any questions or issues related to the NSW smart meter rollout, we’re here to help. Post your thoughts in the discussion below. We also have other threads in this forum for all smart meter issues.



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I had a digital domestic and solar meter installed by Essential Energy for $290 in 2011, to meter my dom. and solar power after my solar system was installed. In 2018, Origin Energy offered to install a smart meter, Vertex, to meter my dom., off peak and solar output for $0. I accepted, now it sends hourly readings, via SMS, to my Origin account via Vertex. I log into my account, that diplays all data in quarter, monthly and daily formats ( bar graphs). An accurate quarterly bill estimate is also given. All this information I use to run in a spreadsheet, now it’s done automatically, very convenient and no more spreadsheet. If you change retailers this information would be redirected to them. No more manual meter reading.


As with all modern innovation, have they considered the privacy and security aspects, in their rush to make a quick buck? Happy to be the last person in Australia to get a smart meter. They might have got the gremlins out by then.