NSW Lotteries running a competition that does not exist

NSW Lotteries is running a competition that does not exist.

The “win by telling us” comp. is being promoted to people buying their products but the website www.lotterysurvey.com.au has been closed/disabled by NSW Lotteries.

I don’t think competitions can be promoted if they cannot be accessed.


This appears to be run by the Daily Savers Club (LotterySurvey.com.au - Lottery Survey Feedback) and not NSW Lotteries (The Lott). I can’t verify who is running it but regardless I don’t believe it is The Lott doing it. Though I think The Lott may have applied to shut it down as it may have been a copyright breach or something similar.


Sounds really dodgy and wonder if it is a data harvesting exercise.


The competition is promoted on the back of the lottery tickets. It is not accessible.

A competition is being promoted that cannot be entered.


Thank yo for the added information about the link being provided by The Lott. On trying a troubleshooting exploration of the link it appears that the site has a problem with it’s coding resulting in a failure to connect. It appears to use a plug-in Sur.ly, this may be the problem causing part and it may be better to contact The Lott and inform them of the problem.

The Lott may have recently updated their Website (it seems they have but I’m not sure of when) and this may be causing the issue with access to the lottery survey site that makes it unable to be accessed.

Screenshot 2020-12-22 105408


I have informed a number of stakeholders about this issue but the problem still seems to exist.

And my latest lottery ticket this week was still promoting the survey and the opportunity to win a prize. Not sure why this organisation can continue to behave like this and confuse consumers in this way. I thought promoting a competition that does not exist and not awarding prizes promoted was illegal.