Not getting a close enough shave?

The performance of my electric razor seemed to be waning so I investigated getting a new head for it. I was horrified by the prices - all over $100 , which is more than I paid for the whole thing about seven years ago. Knock-off versions can be bought for about $20, but I didn’t really trust them.
On YouTube I found some videos on how to sharpen the blades, involving some metal cutting paste and a mirror to use as a flat surface to hone them on.
Before starting that project, I had a look at the shaving heads and found to my acute embarrassment that they were all totally clogged up with an accumulation of whiskers, fluff, skin cells, my natural skin oil, sunscreen and lord knows what else. I was amazed that they could function at all, let alone give me a decent shave! The attached photo shows one of the little rotary blades on the left covered in gunk, the shaving head with one of the cutters open and the pile of crap in the forefront is the stuff from just ONE of the three heads. So before you buy that new head, open up the old one and get to work with the wife’s toothbrush!


Thanks for the sharing the tip @kelizan!


I regularly (every couple of months) disassemble my shaver and both clean the catch chamber as well as clean each individual cutting blade/disk. The razor I have has stainless fitting which means it can also be cleaned under water (never use any detergents/soaps). I also use the brush provided with the product on purchase to brush off the buildup before washing in warm water. I have never worried about oiling it as per the user manual as I generally have oily skin which does the same trick.


Great tip.

It might be a personal thing. Some of us prefer gel or foam and a blade or two.

While travelling the cheap Braun vibrating head does the job ok. Although it gets a clean every time it is used. I doubt it will ever get a new foil or blade set.

I wonder which has the lower carbon footprint over a lifetime? The Costa Georgiadis solution is excluded, as it appears an independent ecosystem. :joy:


That’s OK as long as yours was in use cleaning the toilet.