Nordace Tag "No refund or Exchange if Removed"

Just received a Nordace backpack. On the strap there is a large tag which gives information about the product, and attached to this tag is the statement “No refund or exchange if removed”. I would have thought that if the product fails - unlikely, as it looks pretty good - but if a fault does become apparent what’s the status of the tag? If its meaningless why do they use it?

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Hi @HamMcG, welcome to the community.

It appears you have bought the backpack direct from Nordace as they don’t sell through physical stores.

It is worth noting that Nordace is located in Tempe, Arizona, United States.

The tag would potentially inconsistent with the Australian Consumer Law (ACL), if it applied to faults.

Nordace does have a Return Policy…

which appears to more about change of mind than a product fault. Possibly this is what the tag is referring to. With change of mind they can stipulate conditions which must be met for such policies, including leaving a tag on a product.

In relation to faults, the ACL would apply, however, being a US based company with no presence in Australia (they sell online only from the US) getting rights under the ACL may be very challenging and possibly unlikely. Hopefully as a minimum, they honour their own somewhat limited warranty and its conditions. If they don’t or they ignore the ACL, there might be little comeback for you. The ACCC acknowledges this on their website and it is one of the risks of buying online from business located outside Australia.


Welcome to the community. Why did you buy this backpack from the USA?

In addition to @phb’s comments; if there is an issue with the backpack, you will need to return it at your expense. My experience of sending goods back to suppliers overseas is that the cost of return postage (from here in Australia) is such that you need to question whether it is worthwhile sending it back. Be aware that you will need to register and insure the package to comply with Nordace’s returns requirements.

If it’s too expensive to send it back, then it doesn’t matter what you do with the tag.


Do they have a problem with imitations?