Non food & drink price rises

Not sure where to post this, so am thankful for the powers that me to suitably park it.

I often visit Officeworks for work related printing, photocopying etc.

My routine has been the same since Adam was a boy:

  1. Use the self serve machines and then staple and or punch holes in the (say, 8 lot of 12 sheets of A4 paper) or
  2. Ask counter staff to print and copy and then staple and or punch holes in the A4 paper. This is used when the copy card dispensers are found to be unable to reload my copy and print card

In both cases I avail myself to the stapler and hole puncher provided either at a desk near the self serve machines or at the print desk counter. No charges were levied for use of these items.

Recently at Officeworks Glebe I couldn’t find the stapler or hole puncher near the self machines or even at the printing and copy counter.
When I asked I was told “yes we can staple sheets for you, no problem. 15 cents per staple and $1 per hole punch”.
Before I had time to consider Officeworks new charges, $9.20 in this case, I was told, “while I can staple, even if you want me to punch holes and you say you need 8 bunches of papers punched, I can’t help as out device is broken. You can buy a stapler and/ or hole puncher in aisle …”

Is this another so-called consequence of the catch-all “coronavirus supply chain issues caused problem”? Should we the public brace ourselves for Officeworks whacking on a forthcoming charge for the paper used in the self serve printing and copiers? After all, they may argue that the (current) $0.08 per page charged is for the photocopying function and not the paper.

An easy solution - take your own.

We do to our own Officeworks as the one near us doesn’t have one and hasn’t had one for many years. Possibly they kept on getting stolen so they have done away with them.

I suspect that the cost is to cover their time (labour) to provide a service and prevent them doing other other jobs they have.

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