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Noise Cancelling headphones


I have really sensitive hearing caused by a head injury, I am after the best noise cancelling headphones I can get for Air travel and also to mute as much as possible children and baby noises.

Could you please test the Bose QC 30 earbuds and also indicate how good a brand is on cancelling out noise without having to have any music on, and how good they are at shutting out everyday noise especially planes, crying babies and noise from children

thanks Meg


Thanks @meganchild, I’ll be sure to pass on your request. For reference and other readers, here is our existing test on noise cancelling headphones (member content).


We’ve taken a look at the new Bose ‘Sleepbuds’. Read our thoughts on the benefits and shortcomings of these noise cancelling headphones.


We’ve recently updated our noise cancelling headphones review for those interested.