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Nivea (not so) Invisible body spray?


We received a report from a consumer who is having trouble with Nivea ‘Invisible’ deoderant causing a stain that is very much visible on a light-coloured shirt. The person contacted the company about the issue and was advised that “the ingredients tend to semi solidify with washing”. This has resulted in “a stain that’s impossible to wash out and has basically rendered a number of my t-shirts unwearable.”

While Nivea suggested several ways of removing the stain, the point is the product leaves a residue and also not exactly invisible. Has anyone experienced this issue with spray-on deoderant?



Yes, most roll on deodorants (Rexona, Dove, store bands, etc) we have used leave a stain in the arm pit area of clothing. Some more noticeable than others.

While it is possible to get it out by soaking in a hot nappy wash deteregent for a few hours/days and scrubbing tge areas…we have found the the best solution is to ensure one does not put on a clothinh7 until the applied deodorant is fully dry.

This means changing the morning routine such that deodorant is put on aftet getting out of bed and then walking topless around the house doing other morning activities 6 (visiting the WC, putting on sunscreen and making the beds). On dry winter and spring mornings in Brisbane, it takes only a minute of so for the deodorant to dry. On a humid summer morning, it can take a lot longer, up to 5-10 minutes depending on how hot and humid it is.

I would also imagine that spraying under clothing would be the best way to coat ones clothing in deodorant as the clothes would absorb any fugitive spray under the arm pits. This along with a wet arm pit area until the deodorant dries, is a recipe for a heavy clothing coating.


I use Body Crystal, and it doesn’t leave a residue/mark on my clothes. Perhaps this is due to applying at night after a shower, rather than in the morning?