does it again

Here is a classic from

The “Oil prices soar” headline morphs into claims that petrol prices in Australia may rise by around 4.5 cents a litre by the end of next week.

This was a follow-up from the article posted a couple of hours before which must not have had sufficient sensationalism in the headline.

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.


Whilst I was out today, I noticed that all the petrol prices had remained unchanged since my post above, except for the nearest Coles Express which had actually dropped by 1 cent to 144.9 cents/litre for U91.

However Nine,com .au has this article now stating that Sydeny petrol prices have already risen by some 26 cents/litre with Brisbane and Melbourne being even more expensive.

What a refreshing change for regional areas to get a better deal whilst the big city residents are getting screwed over.

Another classic.

The last image is of a totally empty meat display to presumably reinforce the dire predictions regarding meat prices and availability.

Oops. A Google image search reveals that the image was actually from a Nine article titled " Australian shoppers were the quickest panic buyers in the world, researchers say" in June,2020.

As the old saying goes “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story”.


1 Like has a propensity to both report puerile rubbish and post articles without working links, especially regarding food, but has now managed to combine the two with today’s episode of gross incompetence.

Earlier today they had an item stating that Woolies had discounted their hams by $10 each this Xmas.

No mention that they do this every Xmas, normally starting with the full leg hams and then extending it to include the half leg hams.

However, the link was inoperatine and the article has now disappeared from their homepage, but don’t be disappointed as I have found an even more idiotic one from last year.

Woolworths and Coles sell half-price Christmas ham amid pork shortage -Kidspot.

"But thankfully, there might just be a silver lining to the situation.

Due to the shortages, retailers needed to make sure that people didn’t just simply decided not to buy a ham for Christmas this year.

So they have slashed prices in an effort to win over customers… and its working.

Woolworths has taken $10 off the price of their half-leg of ham – which now costs just $9 per kilogram, instead of the usual $19.

Coles has also followed suit, matching its rival’s price exactly. But you better get in quick, with both supermarkets already reporting that hams are flying off the shelves."

Anyone recall ever seeing $19/kg leg hams?

Way back when I went to school, one person in my class wanted to be a journalist and was actually offered a position with the local rag before he completed Senior which he accepted but he had to complete high school at night classes.

I seriously wonder if these muppets even went to school.


Isn’t that why they created Sesame Street?

I was in Woolies in inner Brisbane this morning. There was no shortage of leg hams on special in the cold cabinet. I was wondering about the expiry date, but then realised I’d need a bigger esky to take one home.

Does the cost of the extra power consumed by turning the second fridge on 4 weeks early defeat the savings?

Is there a risk the ham won’t survive the lure of salted and cured pork over the next month? Mark’s heart healthy and low Cholesterol diet neglected.


We don’t have a second fridge these days but we have a much better solution.

Eat it before Xmas and then buy another one (or two).


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My mum had 4 cute read 50’s kitsch drinking glasses with little printed chooks on each and the words

  1. Eat,
  2. Drink,
  3. Be Merry,
  4. ……

The fourth had a chook and chopping block.
No need to add the words.
What would be the most appropriate drink to accompany ham, and ensure the merriment. A happy death optional?


An article I posted some 11 days ago in another topic.

And breaking news from

Ah McCain, oops, Nine, you’ve done it again.