CHOICE membership does it again

Here is a classic from

The “Oil prices soar” headline morphs into claims that petrol prices in Australia may rise by around 4.5 cents a litre by the end of next week.

This was a follow-up from the article posted a couple of hours before which must not have had sufficient sensationalism in the headline.

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.


Whilst I was out today, I noticed that all the petrol prices had remained unchanged since my post above, except for the nearest Coles Express which had actually dropped by 1 cent to 144.9 cents/litre for U91.

However Nine,com .au has this article now stating that Sydeny petrol prices have already risen by some 26 cents/litre with Brisbane and Melbourne being even more expensive.

What a refreshing change for regional areas to get a better deal whilst the big city residents are getting screwed over.